"The Animal" Unleashed...Batista's Back

Donny QuickContributor IApril 6, 2009

Ah, Monday Night Raw, always full of surprises, but tonight was beyond excitement. When Mr. McMahon challenged Randy Orton, I knew it was bad news.

I mean don't get me wrong Vince is a tough old bird but come on! We all know what Orton is capable of.

Anyways, Orton and Vince are in the ring and you know what I'm just going to skip to the end, both parties get involved, The McMahons and Legacy.

Now of course Legacy gets the upper-hand because face it Shane & Vince aren't really fighters, leaving Triple H to fend them of by himself.

As "The Game" is getting pummeled, we hear a certain tune we have almost forgotten about. The cage has been opened and "The Animal" is unleashed!

Batista comes in and cleans house! Taking out all Legacy members, even poor Randy Orton. Oh, how sad that Batista is now in Vince's spot at Backlash.

Now I know many of people had forgotten Dave was out of action, heck even I never saw it coming! There was no update on Batista and how he was doing.

One of the main reasons is because they kayfabed a fake injury because of a real one.

My point in all this is Batista is back, and everyone is talking about how Orton is going to win the WWE Championship. This maybe true, but how long will he have it before "The Animal" takes it off his hands?

Batista is not going to be denied of climbing back to the top to take his rightful thrown as "King of the Jungle", mark my words.

"The Animal" has been unleashed...once again.