The Animal's Vengeance: Batista Returns and Targets Randy Orton On Raw

Daltonio AlexanderCorrespondent IApril 6, 2009

During the Monday Night Raw Event of Apr. 6, something devastating occurred.

The Animal somehow managed to find himself and unfortunately return. Apparently recovered from a punt to the skull, Batista, in a fit of rage, attacked Randy Orton and The Legacy.

Instead of the inclusion of the chairman of the board, Vince McMahon, during the pay-per-view view Backlash, his place will now be occupied by Dave Batista. This is a huge threat to The Legacy, seeing that it appears to be  Dave has gained a massive amount of adrenaline and momentum upon his suprise return.

All in all, this will make for an exciting storyline.

The Legacy must prepare themselves with the thought contemplation for the theoretical possibilities of failure and/or severe injury during the upcoming events in which I am greatly anticipating.

Truthfully however, I am grateful to discover that Dave has made a healthy recovery which will benefit the WWE as a whole.