EPL Relegation Fight: Why QPR Are Still Doomed for the Drop

Nathan JudahCorrespondent IFebruary 7, 2013

LONDON, ENGLAND - JANUARY 19:  (EDITORS NOTE: THIS BLACK AND WHITE IMAGE WAS CREATED FROM ORIGINAL COLOUR FILE) Harry Redknapp the Queens Park Rangers manager watches from the touchline during the Barclays Premier League match between West Ham United and Queens Park Rangers at Upton Park on January 19, 2013 in London, England.  (Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images)
Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

So the dust has started to settle after another farcical transfer deadline day in the EPL. Last ditch car journeys, flights, medicals and agents meetings were finally concluded in a matter of minutes after clubs had 30 previous days to conduct a signing in a more civilised manner.

But that's what makes transfer day so enthralling. Not only is the sheer volume of transfers so astonishing, the fee paid for some of these "superstars" (and I use the word "superstars" in the loosest form possible) is quite simply ridiculous.

I understand the importance in staying in the EPL next season because of the television money at stake to each club, but there is a difference between shrewd acquisitions that will compliment a current squad and damn right stupidity.

Queens Park Rangers are a club that just doesn't learn from past mistakes. I sat back in my armchair knowing exactly how Harry Redknapp's men would do their business—and I wasn't disappointed.

If Tony Fernandes thinks he can keep on throwing money into a sinking ship to shore up the huge gaping hole that is already there, he is hugely mistaken.

This ship is way beyond repair, and the extra weight that has now been added is only going to sink it quicker.

The QPR chairman cannot be faulted for his financial support during his short term reign at the helm, but the way in which he has gone about his business has shown a complete lack of thought, intelligence and understanding of the game. 

Too many people are coming into football today to use a club as their little pet project, and more often than not, things do not work out for the better.

You would have thought he'd have learned from a disastrous 2011/2012 season, but the the similarities are sadly all too familiar.

Fernandes can be forgiven for bringing in Mark Hughes, a big name to start the "revolution" after backing then manager Neil Warnock just days before.

He can even be forgiven for splashing the cash and backing then manager's Hughes' recommendations, but there comes a time when you have to shut up shop, keep faith in the squad and start working with what you have.

And the signs of improvement were there under Redknapp. Going undefeated in January with excellent wins at Chelsea and West Brom was just what the doctor ordered. 

There was light at the end of that long dark tunnel! Finally things were looking up with maybe one smart signing in January?

But the same unforgivable mistakes have been made again.

What do you do with a team that's playing well and starting to fight for each other?

Bring in six more players, some on more than quadruple the wages you're earning and be happy with a place on the bench with the odd start here and there.

I could almost understand one last overhaul if the dire results had continued, but the fact that they were showing such a drastic improvement on the pitch makes the volume of transfers this time around so bemusing.

Of course, Redknapp isn't going to argue with an almost unlimited transfer budget, but I genuinely think on this occasion it was far better to stick rather than twist.

Fernandes admits his own job is on the line should QPR go down, and maybe there was more than a hint of desperation with some of the moves, but in essence, for a businessman of his stature, it's been one big expensive mistake.

You can talk about the Chris Samba's and Jermaine Jenas' of the world, arguing their qualities and special talents till you're blue in the face, but people forget they were at their best over three years ago.

It's very much like an ex-girlfriend—you remember all the good bits, but there was more than one valid reason why you split up in the first place!

Unfortunately for Tony Fernandes and Harry Redknapp, a parting of the ways looks destined on the horizon.

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