Predicting NHL Trades Nobody Will See Coming

Ryan O'Leary@BR0LearyFeatured Columnist IFebruary 8, 2013

You know what the problem with Phil Kessel is? Well, maybe there's more than just one, but If I had to identify just one, it would be how blessed he is with talent.

So, why is talent an issue? Well, when you're as good as Kessel is, but haven't lit the lamp in your first 10 games of the season, you present a real issue for your coach, general manager and franchise.

The Leafs are a team that need production, and now, especially when the producer is a $5.5M salary cap hit, not to mention the fact that you gave up everything to the Boston Bruins in order to acquire his services.

In such a position, the Maple Leafs might just be forced to do something or the grumblings will only get louder in the GTA. So why not make a call to Anaheim and see if you can send Kessel to the Ducks and grab Corey Perry in exchange. After all, Perry is set to walk with his contract set to expire at season's end. 

There's no way Anaheim can resign both Perry and Ryan Getzlaf, who is also an unrestricted free agent in July, so a trade for Perry will guarantee a return on investment for the suddenly-hot Ducks.

That's just one trade that nobody would see coming at the beginning of the season, and I've got a couple more for you as well.

Find out what deals might get consummated in the latest NHL video from B/R.

Special thanks to the Sky Rink at Chelsea Piers in New York City for their assistance and location in producing this video.