Blake Griffin's Awful Harry Caray Impression Does Not Stop Reporter's LOL

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterFebruary 7, 2013

Blake Griffin did an impression of Harry Caray, and it went just as well as you would expect. 

Perhaps you are of the easily impressed variety, one who laughs the second someone launches into an Arnold Schwarzenegger imitation. Oh, I get it, he yells a lot at the end of his sentences, clever

Well, this video spotted by Larry Brown Sports is all the rage, because Griffin is soooo wonderful at pretending to be the legendary Cubs announcer Harry Caray. 

I understand Blake Griffin's excitement level usually rests somewhere between stoic and sleeping, but are we really going to act like we just saw him dunk from the free throw line?

According to the report, Grayson Gregory of 810 CBS Sports Radio in Orlando overheard Griffin doing a Caray impression. 

As for me, the minute I hear an impersonation, I walk the other way—sort of the same effect ventriloquists have on me. 

Anyhoo, Gregory asked the master of dunk to do his best Caray while talking about Ryan Hollins’ performance. 

What we get is a reporter who thinks this is the funniest thing he has ever seen, heard and experienced in his life. 

Yes, I am a grump, but I am tired of allowing athletes to receive applause for such mediocre comedic craft. 

I don't care about much in life, but I am taking a stand on this. America, demand more from your athletes. 

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