Gray Maynard Pushing for Fourth Fight with Edgar, Coaching Spot on TUF

Steven RondinaFeatured ColumnistFebruary 7, 2013

With Anthony Pettis out of the picture, Gray Maynard is now looking for another showdown with Frankie Edgar.
With Anthony Pettis out of the picture, Gray Maynard is now looking for another showdown with Frankie Edgar.Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

One of the most popular trends in MMA these days is fighters keeping their name in the headlines by calling out opponents. Gray Maynard is no different.

Maynard has been on the shelf for several months now, most recently pulling out of a bout with Joe Lauzon at UFC 155. Lauzon would lose to another top lightweight, Jim Miller, which forced Maynard to set his sights on newly minted top contender Anthony Pettis.

With Pettis now planning to drop to 145 lbs to fight Jose Aldo for the featherweight belt, Maynard is once again without a hypothetical opponent. That in mind, he is now setting his sights on an old foe, Frankie Edgar. These, and much more, come from Maynard's Twitter:

I think I was either lying about my age or I was asking for Maynard vs Edgar 4..... What do you think…

— Gray Maynard (@GrayMaynard) February 7, 2013

Yup RT @ihendy: @graymaynard Would you take a coaching role on TUF against Edgar?

— Gray Maynard (@GrayMaynard) February 7, 2013

I hope so RT @stackedpringles: @graymaynard any chance we'll see u and @frankieedgar go at it one last time?

— Gray Maynard (@GrayMaynard) February 7, 2013

Indeed, Maynard seems to be throwing all his calling-out eggs into the Frankie Edgar basket.

Maynard and Edgar combined to create one of the best MMA trilogies of recent years. Still, courtesy of a draw in their initial rematch, a fourth fight between the two would effectively serve as a rubber match, with the record currently standing at 1-1-1.

The match makes perfect sense for Maynard, who is in desperate need of a big fight after a knockout loss to Frankie Edgar, and a much-loathed fight against Clay Guida. A bout with Edgar, especially one built up through a season on The Ultimate Fighter, would keep him in the limelight and keep him relevant at the top of the lightweight picture.

That said, Edgar's future remains uncertain. Even though Edgar was a highly successful lightweight, his small size worked against him in some fights, particularly those with now-champion Benson “Smooth” Henderson. This resulted in a well-received drop to featherweight that scored him a title fight with Jose Aldo.

Edgar lost in somewhat-controversial fashion to Aldo, making it a mystery whether he will stay at featherweight for another fight with Aldo, return to lightweight or perhaps even drop down further and make a run at bantamweight.

Either way, a fourth match between Edgar and Maynard would likely be welcomed by fans.