Robert Nkemdiche, Reuben Foster and Craziest Sagas of 2013 Recruiting Class

Andrew Kulha@@AKonSportsSenior Analyst IIIFebruary 7, 2013

Robert Nkemdiche, Reuben Foster and Craziest Sagas of 2013 Recruiting Class

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    We love college football recruiting for many reasons, but chief among them is drama.

    Admit it, you love the drama of recruiting.

    It's okay if you don't want to accept it at first—I certainly didn't—but eventually it's time to come to grips with reality. Sure, we can discuss depth charts, star rankings, class rankings, projections and talk all of the X's and O's that you want, but at the end of the day—it's the drama that gets us every time.

    We all love a good story, and the world of college football recruiting is full of them.

    Let's take a look back at a few of the craziest sagas from he 2013 recruiting class:

Demarcus Robinson Likes to Flip

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    Demarcus Robinson was a recruit who apparently could not make up his mind between Clemson and Florida.

    He started off as a Clemson commitment, but ended up flipping to Florida.

    All right, no big deal. It happens all the time in recruiting...

    He ended up taking an official visit to Florida, so the Gators looked to be a lock, but then just a few days later he ended up decommiting again and flipping back to Clemson.

    Clemson fans were extremely happy about that, because Robinson does project to be a very good receiver.

    That seemed like it had to have been the final flip, but then January 7th rolled around and—you guessed it—Robinson flipped back to Florida.

    He was enrolled at Florida the next day.

    That's enough flipping to make one dizzy, so take a breath, and let's move on.

Alex Anzalone Says No to the Irish Mob '13

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    Alex Anzalone is officially a Florida Gator, but there was a time when he looked to be part of the Irish Mob '13.

    That's what Notre Dame 2013 recruits have been referring to themselves as, and for a long while it looked like Anzalone was going to be a huge part of the Fighting Irish class. 

    The only thing that was a bit worrisome to Notre Dame fans was the fact that Florida still seemed to be a threat, and there were various reports that stated he was interested in the Gators. Still, Anzalone publicly affirmed his commitment to Notre Dame (via Twitter), and all was well in Fighting Irish land.

    Flash forward to January 10th, when news broke that Anzalone had actually decommited from Notre Dame and was planning on enrolling at Florida

    A few days later he was enrolled at Florida, and that was that for Notre Dame.

    It's also worth noting that Anzalone was at one point committed to Ohio State, but reportedly decommited because a convicted sex offender posted a picture of himself and Anzalone on the Internet. The picture was taken on an unofficial visit to OSU.

Alex Collins' Mom Could Be Ranked as a 5-Star ATH

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    This is easily my favorite story of the 2013 recruiting cycle.

    Don't get me wrong, I feel bad that Alex Collins couldn't make his decision like he wanted to, and I feel equally as bad about the fact that he'll now always be remembered as the recruit who got shut down by his mom on national signing day.

    Still, when you hear the story about Collins' mother running off without signing his national letter of intent, it's just hard not to laugh at that.

    I understand the anxiety and emotions that come along with going off to college, and I can only imagine how that would feel to a parent. His mother apparently really wants him to stay close to home and go to Miami, although Collins is an Arkansas commitment and is still expected to eventually sign with the Razorbacks.

    Still, the fact remains that Collins' mom is apparently extremely elusive, and perhaps it's time we get a 40-time on her and see if we can't get her signed up, too.

    It's a win-win situation. Collins gets to go to Arkansas, his mother gets to be close by and she may even get some attention from NFL scouts eventually if she's as hard to track down on the football field as she has been in this situation.

    What a story. 

Reuben Foster's Been Everywhere, Man

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    Reuben Foster's recruiting process was entertaining to say the least.

    When it comes down to the simple facts of the matter, he projects to be an elite linebacker at the college level and he's going to an elite program in Alabama. His future is extremely bright, but he has quite a saga to live up to.

    Overall, Foster decommitted two times, once from Alabama and once from Auburn, and he obviously ended back with the Crimson Tide.

    In the meantime, though, any school anywhere seemingly had a chance to land the 5-star inside linebacker.

    He took an official to Washington and for a minute or two it looked like the Huskies could pull off an upset, and then a few weeks later he surprised everyone and took an official to San Diego State.

    To be fair, I hear the weather is very nice down in San Diego...

    In fact, I went as far to suggest that if the American Academy of Dramatic Arts had a football team, Foster could very well end up shocking the recruiting world and signing there.

    In the end, he ended up back at Alabama, and he signed dressed like Nick Saban.


The Robert Nkemdiche Experience

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    As the No. 1 overall recruit for 2013, 5-star defensive end Robert Nkemdiche made his fair share of headlines. As a football player, he's extremely talented and projects to be very good at the college level. He deserved the No. 1 ranking and the hype that came along with it. 

    There was a point when it looked like Nkemdiche could end up at Clemson. He verbally committed after a visit and the Tigers were on top of the college football recruiting world. Things went south in a hurry for the Tigers, though...

    First, it was reported (Michael Carvell of that Nkemdiche's commitment would be a "done deal" if Clemson offered his Grayson High School teammate Ryan Carter. Whether or not it actually went down like that is up in the air, but it definitely was the start of the drama.

    Nkemdiche was committed to Clemson, but many within the world of recruiting questioned how long that would last. The speculation only intensified because Nkemdiche's brother, Denzel, plays for Ole Miss and his mother, Beverly, was very open about wanting the two to play together.

    It seemed like it was only a matter of when Nkemdiche would decommit from Clemson, not if.

    Finally, Nkemdiche did indeed decommit and the best recruit was back on the open market. Ole Miss looked to be the favorite right out of the gate, but LSU and Alabama were both considered as options, and Florida came in out of nowhere just weeks before national signing day and landed an official visit.

    It came down to three for Nkemdiche, and even though Ole Miss was looked at as the unofficial favorite, he was very open to other programs to say the least, at least publicly. Then there was the visit drama with LSU, where it was reported that he would visit, then he wouldn't visit, but when all was said and done, he did indeed end up taking a visit.

    Nkemdiche signed with Ole Miss in what was the first of many marquee signings for the Rebels on national signing day.

    It was a dramatic ride that turned out rather predictable in the end.

    Still, it's going to be hard to forget the year of Robert Nkemdiche—especially if he lives up to his expectations.

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