WWE Needs to Stop Advertising Partial Cards for Pay-Per-View Events

SMGAnalyst IIFebruary 7, 2013

photo courtesy of wwe.com
photo courtesy of wwe.com

WWE has a tendency to only announce and advertise partial cards for its pay-per-view events and it needs to stop.

Years ago, when you would attend a WWE live event, you would receive a list of the matches on a piece of paper. No longer is the case as WWE makes many last-minute decisions on what matches to keep.

However, with pay-per-view events, WWE shouldn’t be making last-minute decisions. Yet we still only learn about some matches beforehand.

The matches that occur at pay-per-views without being advertised beforehand tend to be less important matches. They are feuds that are less important and help make the event seem a bit empty.

The unannounced matches at these pay-per-views tend to include Diva or squash matches. When Ryback and Brodus Clay were getting pushed at the start of the redebuts, they had matches on pay-per-view.

Many fans consider diva matches to be bathroom breaks. It’s understandable as WWE pay-per-views are approximately three hours long. Fans have to take a bathroom break at some point.

When I attended WWE TLC 2012, I took my break during the Antonio Cesaro and R-Truth match. The Divas match was during the preshow, making Cesaro’s match the match with the most obvious outcome.

The unannounced matches have much less meaning than the ones built up, but that will always be the case. There will always be matches that get more attention and build.

However, giving matches less hype shows how insignificant they are.

With Raw extending to three hours, one would think that more feuds would come and receive the hype they need. Still, it seems as though the matches that would have taken place anyway are just lasting longer than if Raw were still two hours.

WWE makes it obvious that some matches and feuds are less important because of how much time and effort are put into the feuds. WWE could have Zack Ryder in a feud with David Otunga, but it chooses not to showcase these Superstars. Instead, CM Punk, John Cena and other main-event Superstars are given more time.

Again, it makes sense though. Shouldn’t the best Superstars be showcased more often?

With partial pay-per-view cards advertised, the event may seem empty.

WWE Royal Rumble 2013 was an exception with only five matches announced. There weren’t any unannounced matches because of the Rumble match. A Divas match was possible, but time did not allow for it as the Rumble match lasts around an hour.

Other pay-per-views also usually only have approximately five matches announced beforehand. With three hours of pay-per-view time, it can only be expected for there to be more matches.

Do fans even care about the unannounced filler matches during the pay-per-views?

This goes back to the idea about how WWE uses its airtime. WWE won’t give a Brodus Clay match on PPV as much time as a John Cena match. However, the Brodus Clay match does give fans exposure to the character and whoever his opponent is.

WWE should stop advertising partial card for its pay-per-views. The only matches that should occur at pay-per-views should be significant feuds. The time to showcase new Superstars or push certain ones can be kept for Raw, SmackDown, Main Event or even WWE Superstars.





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