WWE Needs to Let Miz Beat Brock Lesnar at Elimination Chamber

Jack Windham@wr_revealedAnalyst IFebruary 7, 2013

Miz and Brock Lesnar
Miz and Brock Lesnar

On Monday Night Raw, we saw Miz put up a good fight against Brock Lesnar before being demolished. While it might end up meaning nothing, it's actually an opportunity for WWE to boost the product and buy rate for Elimination Chamber.

It's pretty obvious to observant fans that WWE is setting up a rematch between Brock Lesnar and Triple H. That's more than likely going to be one of the main events at WrestleMania.

The big fear right now is that the WWE creative department is going to stick to the formula. They have a tendency to do that whenever big-name performers drop in for their cameo appearances.

If they stick to the formula, then Brock Lesnar will more than likely wreak havoc for a couple of more weeks. Then, he's going to threaten Stephanie McMahon, will will then cause Triple H to come out to save her again.

There's a better option for WWE. They can set up the rematch for WrestleMania and elevate a former champion from mid card to main event again at the same time.

They can do that by booking Miz and Brock Lesnar for a match at the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view later on this month. Neither guy is booked right now, and it's a marquee matchup to add to an already-impressive show lineup. 

From a marketing standpoint, this is a gem for WWE. The mainstream media would definitely be interested in covering a match that features a former reality TV star going up against a former UFC heavyweight champion.

To boost business and shock the Internet wrestling community, WWE can even have Miz beating Brock Lesnar in the match. All you need is a little intervention from Triple H to make things right.

Just like that, WWE has itself a marquee match for WrestleMania (without having to bring Stephanie McMahon back for a repeat segment). Plus, Miz becomes a top-level guy again.

A lot of good things can come by going down this particular path.

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