5 Reasons Manchester United Will Beat Real Madrid on the Road

Mathias Ask@@MathiasAskCorrespondent IIFebruary 7, 2013

5 Reasons Manchester United Will Beat Real Madrid on the Road

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    In just six days, Manchester United will travel to Madrid to push Los Blancos to the brink of Champions League elimination.

    Normally, a road game against Real Madrid would be a nightmare, but this contest could not have come at a better time for the Red Devils.

    Manchester United are playing their best soccer in years, and have carved out a nice lead in the Barclays Premier League. Currently, they are nine points ahead of arch-rival Manchester City.

    Real Madrid, on the other hand, are struggling in La Liga. Not only have Los Blancos been left behind by Barcelona, but cross-town rivals Atletico Madrid have demoted Real Madrid to third place.

    Those kinds of displays are simply not accepted within a club like Real Madrid, and it is no surprise that the team is facing pressure heading into Wednesday’s game.

Manchester United's Offense

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    United’s offense is the biggest reason why the team can even dream of winning the Treble. However you feel about the Red Devils you have to admit that 60 goals in just 25 games is incredibly impressive.

    Sir Alex Ferguson has a plethora of tools to choose from when he sets up his lineup for Wednesday. He has Robin van Persie, the second best goalscoring machine in the world, and Wayne Rooney, arguably the best box-to-box player in the world.

    Additionally, he can spice up his offense with Danny Welbeck, Javier Hernandez or even Ashley Young.

    Considering how important away goals are in the Champions League, you can expect United to bring their deadly, accurate style of play to Santiago Bernabeu.

    Real Madrid better be prepared.

Manchester United’s Cynicism

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    United were given a rare opportunity to show how cynical they can be in last week’s game against Fulham.

    Up by one goal in the second half, the Red Devils suddenly had no qualms about bringing the vast majority of their players back to their own penalty box in order to secure the win.

    For United fans, this is a good sign.

    Not even Manchester United can expect to dictate the style of play when facing Real Madrid on the road. Obviously, the Red Devils’ focus will be on winning, not entertaining.

    If United’s potent offense is able to take the lead at Santiago Bernabeu, I can guarantee that not even Van Persie will advance past midfield for the rest of the game.

Jose Mourinho Has Lost Control of His Team

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    Not a day goes by without another rumor linking Jose Mourinho to a new club. This week, it’s his former team, Chelsea.

    Mourinho was riding high after knocking Barcelona down from the throne last season, but this year has proved to be nothing short of a nightmare for the Portuguese manager.

    He did not exactly endear himself to fans when he became the answer to the trivia question “who had the audacity to bench Iker Casillas for the first time in 10 years?”

    The incident caused fans to boo Mourinho during the next home game.

    Mourinho seems to have lost the respect of his players. He is not getting along with his star player Cristiano Ronaldo, and it’s been reported that Casillas and Sergio Ramos wanted him fired.  

    The environment in Real Madrid is toxic right now, and that works in Manchester United’s favor.

Sir Alex Ferguson Knows How to Handle Ronaldo

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    Sir Alex Ferguson made Cristiano Ronaldo into the player he is today, and you can be sure the veteran manager has a few ideas on how to stop him.

    Ferguson wouldn’t be the legend he is if he didn’t.

    Although Ronaldo is one of the greatest players to ever play the game, it can’t hurt that the United defense got to watch him practice day in and day out for most of his career.

    Ronaldo is Real Madrid’s most important player, and using their deep knowledge of his playing style to take him out of the game will be the key to United’s success.

Real Madrid Can’t Afford to Rest Players Before the Game

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    At first glance it looks like the scheduling would favor Real Madrid.

    Manchester United will square off against Everton on February 10 while Los Blancos are facing Sevilla on February 9, giving them one extra day to rest before Wednesday.

    However, United have a comfortable lead in the Premier League and can afford to prioritize the Real Madrid game by benching a few star players against Everton.

    Real Madrid, on the other hand, don’t have that privilege. Fresh off an embarrassing defeat against Granada, Los Blancos have their backs against the wall and can’t afford to fall further behind in La Liga.

    Even if Mourinho decides to let his star players start on the bench, will he really keep them there if Sevilla starts dominating?

    If Real Madrid can’t figure out a way to reconcile their need to save face in La Liga and their hope for advancement in the Champions League, they are going to have an abysmal week.