Stone Cold Steve Austin's New Movie Looks Like a Testosterone-Fueled Joyride

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterFebruary 7, 2013

Photo credit: Anchorbay Entertainment
Photo credit: Anchorbay Entertainment

WWE icon Steve Austin stars in The Package, a movie powered by gunfire, blood, bravado and snappy one-liners.

Coming out on Blu-Ray and DVD on Feb. 19 (March 4 in the United Kingdom) this flick promises to continue the tradition of Austin's hard-hitting, explosion-heavy film resume.

Austin plays Tommy Vick, a nightclub bouncer and a mob enforcer. He will be firing heavy weaponry and zingers as he fights off a gauntlet of bad guys.

Vick has been asked to deliver a mysterious package. En route, he encounters criminals hunting him down.

The Package also stars Dolph Lundgren, who is at his creepiest as the lead villain.

Lundgren plays a heartless crime boss with an affinity for knives known as The German. Lundgren appears to have approached the role with gusto.

The German seems to be the type of cold, merciless villain who's fun to watch delight in his own evil. He and Austin's character have a history together and end up colliding in what should be a cathartically violent climax.

Lundgren and Austin were both in The Expendables and team up again here. While Lundgren seems to be taking on a role that diverts from his previous roles, Austin looks to be doing what he knows best.

The former WWE champ has made his post-wrestling living playing badasses in movies like Hunt to Kill and Recoil.

The Package is clearly in the same vein as those shoot-'em-ups, but its trailers suggest a slicker, more visually stunning movie. Its cinematography inserts artistry among all the broken glass and fight scenes.

Writer Derek Kolstad and Director Jesse V. Johnson are clearly not shooting for an Oscar. They appear far more concerned with stirring up viewers' adrenaline. It looks like an action movie that recognizes its limitations and presents its machismo cinema in a striking package.

WWE fans can sit around forever, reflecting on Austin's wrestling days and wishing he'd come back for one more match, or they can enjoy what he's up to these days.

The Package is a movie to dive into while the real world washes away around you. Grab a bowl of popcorn, an Austin 3:16 T-shirt, some suspension of disbelief and this DVD, and let Lundgren and Austin do their thing.