WrestleMania Aftermath: What Will Come Next?

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WrestleMania Aftermath: What Will Come Next?
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Well first of all, if anyone was wondering where I was, I had attended the Hall of Fame ceremony, WrestleMania XXV, and the WrestleMania Fan Axcess.

I would like to give some brief words on that.

I attended the Fan Axcess knowing that this would be a kid's playground, and I was right. I saw kids acting as Rey Mysterio, I saw some weird thing with Hornswoggle, and the rest of the activities were swarmed by kids.

Kind of obvious, but I did not hang around long. I was only there to meet some superstars.

I did meet John Cena, who was at an event promoting 12 Rounds, and he's actually not a bad guy.

As for the Hall Of Fame ceremony, I was shocked when I went there. There was this ridiculous timer, meaning these men who revolutionized wrestling are timed for no good reason.

Also, the fans there were very disrespectful, but then again half of them think Randy Orton, Chris Jericho, and Mark Henry really are serial killers.

Lastly, I want to shortly discuss WrestleMania.

First of all, security guards were taking signs left and right. I had one with a “B/R” on it, but even that was taken so I was pissed off.

As for the show, it has received a lot of criticism, but it was a pretty decent show.

Of course, some outcomes were disappointing, with CM Punk, Triple H, and Santino(a) Marella all winning their respective matches.

The Intercontinental Title defense was terrible as well, but it would have sucked as a 15-minute match, so why not end it in 21 seconds?

However, the “Money in the Bank” match was stellar, even Mark Henry did well in it.

The Colons versus Miz and Morrison was kind of disappointing and I was also upset that Jack Swagger was a lumberjack alongside Jimmy Snuka, Goldust, and other jobbers.

Big Show/Cena/Edge was a good match and only received criticism because the Taker/HBK match made the rest of the show look bad.

The main event between Randy Orton and Triple H was decent enough, though.

Steve Austin had his final send-off and took the attitude era with him.

Overall, it was a privilege to sit through some of the matches like HBK/Taker, MITB, and the Hardys. But some, like the Diva Battle Royal and Mysterio versus JBL, were just terrible.

Now, I feel the landscape of this year's WWE Draft has drastically changed for the better.

Why? Because now, it is not completely obvious who will be moving.

Most fans not only expected Cena to win, but Orton to win as well. Now, unless Orton wins the strap tonight on Raw as expected, Triple H might be staying on Smackdown, though it's highly unlikely.

Also, the Rey Mysterio move is in question now as he holds a Raw championship.

Could he be hanging around? Probably not, but I don't see what they can do unless they screw up the arrangement of title belts.

Another possibility would be to keep the two mid-card singles titles on one show, while the other hold the now unified Tag Team Championships.

Rumors are also swirling that Edge, Undertaker, and Cena will be taking time off this year. Edge and 'Taker have some nagging injuries, and Cena will be filming a new movie.

I still think Edge will move to Raw, and it's all but confirmed that Undertaker will be staying on Smackdown until he retires.

As for Shawn Michaels, if things stay as they are now, HBK will be retiring at next year's WrestleMania to spend more time with his family. I think they will move him to Smackdown to give him the kind of treatment that Ric Flair got when he was drafted two years ago.

He'll hang on Smackdown for a few months, but slowly move back to Raw for WrestleMania.

With Matt Hardy making a statement as a true heel at WrestleMania, I wouldn't mind him moving to Raw to keep his push going.

As for Jeff, he did lose a lot of steam over the past few weeks and needs to be separated from Matt so he can go back in the hunt for a world championship.

With Christian not winning at WrestleMania this year, he'll likely stay in the mid-card on either Smackdown or Raw and could take the Jericho route, where he'll work main events with Undertaker or Cena as a heel since his babyface role hasn't gotten over.

As for the future of the shows, I think Orton will be winning the WWE Championship on Raw. He only lost on Sunday so we would have a happy ending to WrestleMania, with the face winning.

Smackdown will likely feature Cena feuding with Edge and Big Show until Backlash, when the brands will go back to normal. I really think Cena will be around on Raw for another year as they don't want to put him on the B show.

I see Jeff Hardy, Big Show, Jericho, Undertaker, Mr. Kennedy, and Christian being the faces of Smackdown, while Cena, Edge, Triple H, Orton, and Michaels will lead Raw.

ECW isn't even expected to get one draft pick this year, unless Kane or MVP move. We will likely see Evan Bourne, Finlay, Mark Henry, and Christian leaving ECW, leaving the show with plain jobbers to use.

Backlash will be more of a thrown-together event, seeing that it is only three weeks away. I believe we'll see Orton versus Triple H and Cena versus Big Show or Edge in the main event.

Undertaker and HBK will probably feud with two up-and-coming heels, such as Jack Swagger, Mr. Kennedy, or Umaga.

I believe that the Colons will feud with Miz and Morrison, Cryme Tyme, and Legacy.

One thing I found terrible was that they made it seem like Santina was not Santino. Candice Michelle, Justin Roberts, and even its girlfriend Beth Pheonix don't realize it.

It (Santino is neither he or she) was hilarious though. I see him fighting as Santina and feuding with the Divas and I feel he will be a future Women's champion.

CM Punk will also, in my opinion, take the same route as last year but with a different story. I think he'll get back at Orton for taking his belt last year, if you remember.

I think Orton's potential title reign will be cut short by a CM Punk win, which will hopefully be better than last time.

Lastly, as for the announcing, I just don't see JBL dong commentary as much as everybody wants him to. He will work backstage for WWE as he also needs time for his Layfield Energy stuff.

Rumors have been swirling that he might buy Ohio Valley Wrestling, which was a former WWE developmental territory.

So there you have it. The DJ Rallo is back from Houston and I will post part three of my new series, "A Mystery Upon Us," tomorrow.

Also Undertaker beat out the Rock and Steve Austin in my King of the Ring Tournament Finals, so 'Taker is the best legend of WrestleMania, decided by you voters.

Until next time...

I am The DJ Rallo (Back in MA and Po'ed that Opening Day got rained out)

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