WWE Elimination Chamber 2013: Ranking the 5 Coolest Cage-Match Variations

Alex Musso@amusso18Featured ColumnistFebruary 7, 2013

WWE Elimination Chamber 2013: Ranking the 5 Coolest Cage-Match Variations

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    Elimination Chamber is right around the corner (Feb 17). In honor of the last pay-per-view before WrestleMania, in this slideshow you'll see five of the best cage-style matches in wrestling history.

    While there may be lots of matches derived from the original cage concept, not all of them are unique, exciting or interesting. The following five match types are some of the most innovative in wrestling.

5. WarGames Match

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    One of the most unique matches ever was called the WarGames match. Created by Dusty Rhodes while with the NWA, it was originally a specialty match designed for the Four Horsemen.

    It made its debut at the Great American Bash in 1987. The match itself typically consisted of two teams of four who would enter the match in a staggered fashion. The first two would begin a match, then one member of one team would enter, and so on.  

    The match was most popular in WCW. Eric Bischoff said that this match was a big inspiration for the Elimination Chamber, his creation.  

4. Punjabi Prison Match

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    The Punjabi Prison match is an interesting concept that unfortunately was given a bad name, literally. Named for the Punjab province of India, from where the Great Khali comes, it's essentially two tall cages separated by doorways.  

    The rules of the match are unlike most other matches, but it's known more for its "founder," The Great Khali.

3. Elimination Chamber

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    The Elimination Chamber is the brainchild of Eric Bischoff. First appearing in 2002, the Elimination Chamber match itself has become popular enough to warrant its own pay-per-view.

    Shawn Michaels won the first ever Elimination Chamber match, but of the 15 that have taken place, nearly half have been won my Triple H (four wins) and John Cena (three wins).  

    It is similar to the WarGames match in that two competitors start the match, and then one competitor at a time enters the match. It differs in that there are no teams, and the match continues until five of the wrestlers have been eliminated and only one remains.

2. Triple Cage Match

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    Of all the cage-variant matches that exist in pro wrestling, perhaps the Triple Cage Match is the most interesting concept.

    While several variations exist, the most common type of Triple Cage Match involves ascending the three levels of the structure one at a time to grab a belt or object hanging from the top cage.

    The match even made an appearance in WCW's Ready to Rumble movie. 

1. Hell in a Cell

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    One cage-match variant has defined careers unlike any other: Hell in a Cell.

    Mick Foley was immortalized by being thrown off the cell and through an announce table by Undertaker. Triple H and Undertaker had career-defining wins (six each) in this match.  

    To many, it may not be as original or innovative as others. But each and every one of the 26 Hell in a Cell matches that have taken place has made headlines.   

What Do You Think?

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    So what are some of your favorite cage-variant matches? And what are your favorite memories from these matches. Please discuss below in the comments.