Breaking Down the 2013 NFL Draft's Most Mobile Quarterbacks

Ryan McCrystal@@ryan_mccrystalFeatured ColumnistFebruary 7, 2013

Breaking Down the 2013 NFL Draft's Most Mobile Quarterbacks

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    The NFL is a copycat league. So after seeing the unexpected immediate success of Robert Griffin III, Colin Kaepernick and Russell Wilson, everyone wants to find the next great mobile quarterback. 

    Unfortunately, any teams searching for the next RG3 in this draft class will be sorely disappointed. 

    No quarterback in this year's draft class can approach Griffin's level of athleticism, or even Wilson's. But there are a few quarterbacks can use their feet to their advantage. 

    Here's a list of the most mobile quarterbacks in the 2013 NFL draft class.

    Each quarterback's mobility is rated on a scale of 10 (Michael Vick) to 1 (Peyton Manning). 

6. Geno Smith, West Virginia

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    Geno Smith is not an explosive athlete, but he possesses just enough mobility to be considered above average. 

    He's a pure pocket passer, but has the skills to move outside the pocket and make some throws on the run. 

    He didn't run often in college due to West Virginia's quick-strike passing attack, but he possesses the athleticism to pick up yardage with his legs when necessary.

    Mobility rating: 5.5

5. Zac Dysert, Miami OH

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    Zac Dysert is similar to Nick Florence.

    Like Florence, Dysert's legs aren't exactly a weapon, but he can use them to his advantage on occasion. 

    Dysert rushed for just over 200 yards as a senior and even turned in a 100-yard rushing performance in a shootout against Akron. 

    No one will confuse Dysert for the next Colin Kaepernick, but opposing defenses will still want to close quickly when he strays from the pocket. 

    Mobility rating: 5.5

4. Nick Florence, Baylor

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    We've reached the portion of the list where the read-option is now out of the question. 

    Nick Florence doesn't have the speed to scare defenses, but he is athletic enough to make something happen when a play breaks down. 

    During his one year as Baylor's starter, Florence demonstrated the ability to buy time with his feet and occasionally take off down the field.

    Florence's athleticism compares favorably to Andrew Luck, who is surprisingly dangerous when he decides to leave the pocket. 

    Mobility rating: 5.5

3. Matt Scott, Arizona

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    Matt Scott doesn't quite match the athleticism of previous Rich Rodriguez quarterbacks such as Denard Robinson and Pat White. But he excelled in Rodriguez's offense in 2012 and has the ability to use his legs to his advantage at the next level. 

    While Scott doesn't have the athleticism to run an offense designed around his mobility, he can be a weapon. 

    If he lands with a team interested in running some read-option plays, Scott has enough mobility to occasionally catch the defense off guard. 

    Mobility rating: 6

2. Collin Klein, Kansas State

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    Of all the quarterbacks in this year's draft class, Collin Klein has the most experience running the read-option. However, he lacks the elite athleticism to effectively run the offense in the NFL. 

    Klein is similar to Tim Tebow—a running quarterback who benefits from his size more than his speed. 

    Given Klein's limitations as a pocket passer, it's tough to imagine him as a starting quarterback in the NFL. However, he could potentially offer a spark off the bench in special packages. 

    Mobility rating: 6.5

1. EJ Manuel, Florida State

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    EJ Manuel lacks the breakaway speed to be a serious threat as a read-option quarterback, but that doesn't mean he can't pick up some yardage with his legs. 

    In his career at Florida State, Manuel picked up 827 yards on the ground. 

    When flushed from the pocket, Manuel is a threat to take off down the field. He won't run away from many linebackers, but he has the size—he measured 6'4", 237 pounds at the Senior Bowl—to pick up the tough yardage. 

    Mobility rating: 7