Lionel Messi Fan Rushes Pitch to Land Kiss on Argentine Star's Forehead

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterFebruary 6, 2013

Lionel Messi, a man bigger than most athletes in terms of prestige, was pretty much manhandled by a fan intent on showing his adoration for the diminutive star. 

Argentina was taking on Sweden in an International friendly on Wednesday, and at some point in the fixture, a fan got loose on the field and ran to greet arguably the best player in the world. 

Now the odd part in all this is the fan decided to get very hands-on in his experience rather than running around and scampering off like most streakers and field crashers. 

As the announcer posits in the video, Messi has no idea what this guy was going to do. 

Instead of running away from a potential lunatic or shoving him away, Messi kind of just lets it all happen, like a little brother getting a noogie from an older sibling. 

Hey, someone stop...this...guy...he's...OK, well, let's get it over with. 

It's enough to make you think, well, that's the first I have seen of this

It's also what you get when your sport's biggest star is roughly the size of an 7th grader. Something tells me Vince Wilfork wouldn't allow someone to rub his head and smooch him during the game. 

I guess that begs the question: who would actually want to do such a thing with Wilfork's noggin?

Seriously, this guy could have been capable of anything, which is a scary thought, making us glad he just wanted to get Messi with it and show some awkward dap. 

Please fans, leave the little guy alone. 

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