NBA Deadline Deals That Need to Happen

JR JacksonAnalyst IFebruary 6, 2013

When teams are on the cusp of greatness, the last step to get the team over the edge can oftentimes but a trade with a rebuilding team. Teams are often looking to get salary off their books and hoard draft picks to rebuild for the future. There are often very good players that are on the trading block and that is when the trade rumors are in full swing. 

These are the trades that not only should be done from a basketball perspective but can also benefit the players and teams involved. These are players that have been in rumors for years or on their final year of their contract that can be an asset for a winning team. 

NBA Analyst JR Jackson and Assistant NBA Editor Ethan Norof discussed some of the hottest potential trade rumors and gave us their opinion on which deals should get done.

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Note: All NBA statistics are current as of February 6, 2013 (date of filming).