England vs. Brazil: Rating Both Sets of Players from International Friendly

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England vs. Brazil: Rating Both Sets of Players from International Friendly

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    England beat Brazil 2-1 in their international friendly Wednesday to record their first win over the South American giants since Bobby Robson's side in 1990.

    On a night built as the celebration of Ashley Cole's 100th appearance and the 150th year of the Football Association, it was only fair that another one of England's veterans, Frank Lampard, netted the game-winning goal after Wayne Rooney's earlier effort had been cancelled out by Fred.

    Brazil would be left to rue what could have been with brilliant chances falling to both Neymar and Ronaldinho throughout the match—the latter of which had his penalty saved earlier by Joe Hart.

    Credit must also be given to the Three Lions' youngsters here who, despite making some mistakes, held their own against a side largely expected to run over the top of them and came away from Wembley Stadium with a deserved win.

    Read on for a full list of player ratings from this match.

England: Starting XI

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    Joe Hart—8/10

    The Manchester City was beaten just after time by Fred, but had already given himself plenty of credit earlier following the penalty save. An excellent double effort on that was definitely the highlight for the shot-stopper, despite a tentative performance at times. 

    Ashley Cole—7/10

    Playing in his 100th appearance, Cole didn't have to do a whole lot here, but covered comfortably when he was called upon into action.

    He was replaced by Leighton Baines after 45 minutes.

    Chris Smalling—6.5/10

    Given the strength of the attacking lineup he was face, Smalling did relatively well throughout this one, despite a few moments of madness at the back. The Manchester United defender showed again that he has real promise for the future here.

    Gary Cahill—5/10

    Not the greatest game from Cahill, who contributed heavily to Brazil's equalizing goal just after half-time. He did make some excellent tackles on Neymar throughout and threatened at the other end himself, but his performance will likely be remembered for Fred's goal.

    Glen Johnson—7/10

    Johnson continues to prove himself as a top international defender with a very solid shutdown performance on Nemyar, who tried to get after the Liverpool man.

    He pushed forward well when needed and was generally solid here.

    Tom Cleverley—7.5/10

    Cleverley only played the opening 45 minutes before being replaced by the game-winning Frank Lampard, but what he did in the first half was great—commanding his presence in midfield and shutting down a dominant Brazilian midfield.

    Steven Gerrard—7.5/10

    Another fine international performance from Gerrard, who pushed forward well throughout from his role as a holding midfielder. He combined spectacularly with both Jack Wilshere and Frank Lampard when asked to and was once again a threat on set pieces as well.

    Jack Wilshere—9/10

    A man-of-the-match performance from Wilshere, who was brilliant and creative in attack, as well as very key in the Three Lions' defense here. He did concede a penalty early, but made up for it with some spectacular dribbling and dynamic attacking.

    He was easily England's best player throughout this one.

    Theo Walcott—7.5/10

    Quiet early, but he gained great space down the right flank as the match wore on, with his pace and crossing ability once again a highlight.

    Danny Welbeck—6.5/10

    Welbeck worked hard throughout the match, but missed a golden opportunity to score in the opening half that he really should been able to finish. He looked far more out of place here on the left than when he plays out there for United. 

    Wayne Rooney—8/10

    It was hard to argue with a man that finishes the match with a goal and an assist, especially when he was as strong up front as he was here. He led England well.

England: Substitutes

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    Leighton Baines—6.5/10

    Played all of the second half here and once again gained good traction down the left-hand side of the field, with his crossing once again a highlight.

    Frank Lampard—8.5/10

    Lampard's game-winning goal was no doubt a huge highlight for the Chelsea midfielder, who is proving once again to be a brilliant player despite his age. An instinctive finish from the 34-year-old after some beautiful work from Rooney, and he deserves the praise given to him.

    James Milner—6.5/10

    Came on Welbeck with 30 minutes remaining. Didn't do much. Solid but uninspiring. 

    Aaron Lennon—6/10

    Only played 20 minutes out on the right. No real impact on this match.

Brazil: Starting XI

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    Julio Cesar—8/10

    Julio Cesar kept his incredible season going with another great game here, though he couldn't do anything about either of England's goals. What he was asked to do, though, he did very well—making a number of good saves throughout.

    Dani Alves—7/10

    Solid in defense, but didn't offer as much going forward as usual. Kept Welbeck in check throughout, which did help to his overall performance.

    David Luiz—7/10

    Luiz once again showed to be a top defender this year with a number of great tackles and timely interceptions, but didn't offer as much going forward as he does for Chelsea. Brazil needed that here, and Luiz didn't quite deliver. A solid performance nonetheless.


    Solid from Dante, who held his own in defense against a dynamic England attack. Hard to fault for too much else, but hard to praise him for much either. 


    Looked hopelessly out of place against Theo Walcott and didn't offer anything really going forward either. Other than turnovers, that is.


    Taken off after 45 minutes, Paulinho hadn't done much before that to justify staying on the pitch. Didn't offer anything in attack and was overshadowed easily by Jack Wilshere and Steven Gerrard in midfield throughout the first half.


    Can't fault the Chelsea midfield's lack of spirit and energy, but Ramires didn't do much here. A constant threat when on the ball, but didn't get much of it.


    If his teammates were better finishers, Brazil would most likely have won this one and Oscar would have been named the man of the match. The Chelsea midfielder was excellent again here and is showing huge promise for the future. Can be a real difference-maker for Brazil at the 2014 World Cup if he keeps up his moments of brilliance.


    Not the man that we once knew him to be. Slow, not as talented and tried to dribble a poor penalty through Joe Hart that ultimately cost his team a result.

    The play was poor from the Brazilian legend, who may well have played his last game against England here. Hard to see him getting picked again.


    Struggled to really get going here, but did threaten a couple of times. Was effectively shut down by Glen Johnson on the left.

    Always attracts plenty of defensive attention when on the ball, which can help his attacking game, but squandered some key chances throughout this one to receive any real praise. Not his greatest game.

    Luis Fabiano—6/10

    Replaced after 45 minutes because he was offering nothing up front. He wasn't making mistakes, but just wasn't doing anything helpful at all. Uninspired game.

Brazil: Substitutes

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    Not the greatest half from the attacker, who threw away several good chances throughout the second half. Did take his goal-scoring chance beautifully, but for the 40 minutes after that, he looked a little out of place in this Brazil team.

    Lucas Moura—7/10

    Solid in midfield for the 20 or so minutes after half-time here and played a key role in the goal as well. Held his own against a solid England midfield.


    Introduced for Ramires after half-time and offered less attacking spark and creativity than the Chelsea man. No urgency in the middle at all from Arouca.


    Only played the 30 minutes here. Overrun by Frank Lampard in the middle.

    Filipe Luis—6.5/10

    Far better than Adriano, but only had 20 minutes to prove himself and, by that stage, England were controlling the middle beautifully and cruising.


    Only played 10 minutes when England weren't attacking.

    What did you score the players from this international clash?

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    England vs. Brazil: Rating Both Sets of Players