Inter the Void: Jose Mourinho Returns to Football?

Simon MartinSenior Writer IMarch 29, 2008

A few years back, I was taken to an Inter Milan match by my father, who at the time was helping Charlton Athletic with a delightful union with Inter Milan, and had been given tickets to a match.

I saw some wonderful football, sadly I was ten years old at the time, and cannot remember the opposition, but what I can tell you is that Inter Milan's fans can be unruly, even violent sometimes in heated situations—but when their teams plays beautiful football? One of the most passionate and loyal fanbases in the world, guaranteed.

It was with some scepticism, therefore, that I read the words "Mourinho" and "Inter Milan" together in the same sentence this morning, in my daily rag. At first I thought it was a crazy idea—and then a crazier thought came to mind.

This could work.

One of the most passionate, and controversial managers in football history, in charge of one of the most passionate, and controversial at times, football clubs in the world?

This could be a match made in heaven.

Inter Milan are currently four points clear at the top of series A with eight games to play—and Mancini, who very quickly backtracked his statement after Inter were knocked out by Liverpool, of his desire to retire. Somehow, I have this feeling that those words will come back to haunt him.

For now, it is pure speculation, but maybe, just maybe, we could see Jose Mourinho in charge of a club that suits his unique ability and vantage point.

Fits like a glove, I'd say.