Miami Hurricanes Football Recruiting: Miami Posts Solid Class After Rough Season

Ryan RudnanskySenior Writer IFebruary 6, 2013

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After missing out on a bowl game in 2012, it's impressive what the Miami Hurricanes have done during recruiting season.

As of this writing, the Hurricanes have the No. 17 recruiting class of 2013, according to That includes eight 4-star recruits, including receiver Stacy Coley, quarterback Kevin Olsen, defensive end/outside linebacker Alquadin Muhammad and defensive back Artie Burns.

The Hurricanes went 7-5 last season. They lost handily to their only ranked opponents, Kansas State, Notre Dame and Florida State. They also lost to North Carolina and a four-win Virginia squad.

Still, landing eight 4-star recruits is nothing to hang your head about. That's a job well done by the program and the coaching staff, given the disappointing 2012 campaign. 

On offense, Al Golden will be able to mold his offense around Coley and Olsen in the future.

Coley is an exceptionally smooth and fluid receiver who practically glides across the football field. He also displays the speed, quickness and explosiveness to be a handful for opposing defenses. Combined with his feel for the game and hands, it's no wonder why people have been gushing about the Florida native.

Olsen is the brother of Carolina Panthers tight end Greg Olsen. He's a pocket passer first and foremost, but he also displays impressive pocket mobility and he can beat you with his legs if you give him space. He doesn't possess top-end arm strength, but he has great mechanics and he's shown great touch with his passes.

It may be difficult for him to launch it to Coley deep down the field, but he anticipates well and can drop it over Coley's shoulder down the sideline.

On defense, there are also some noteworthy pieces, particularly Muhammad and Burns.

Muhammad is a quick, active defender with good length and the frame to build strength down the road. He's already fairly strong for his size (6'3", 230 lbs), but adding more bulk will only fuel his potential. He does need some work with his technique (he can be prone to over pursuing), but he does recognize run schemes well and could be a high-impact player with some coaching. His motor is excellent.

Burns should play cornerback from the start, but he does have the potential to move over to safety down the line with added strength. He's raw when it comes to technique, but he's lightning-fast and he's very physical. His agility, combined with his ball-hawking ability and instincts, could make him a game-changer at the next level. 

While the Hurricanes don't have an elite class this year, they certainly picked up some recruits who can become big-time players at the next level. Not bad, considering their underwhelming campaign in 2012.


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