My Case For The WWE Draft: Edge to Raw, Orton to SmackDown, and More!

Svyato RovenchukSenior Writer IApril 6, 2009

The WWE Draft is coming next week, during Monday Night Raw we will see many superstars going from one brand to another. I have a few picks that I wish would happen. I'll tell you the top 10 draft picks that I want to see.

10. Regal To ECW

Regal just doesn't belong on Raw, never did. On ECW he'd fit right in ECW is fit with superstars that he could actually beat. No, but seriously Regal is not a good enough performer for Raw while on ECW the superstars aren't that good so you wouldn't be able to tell, lol.

9. The Great Khali To ECW

I think having The Great Khali on ECW is a great idea. Khali would make a good ECW champion. Khali is not WWE champion or World Heavyweight Champion material, never was, but ECW champion may just fit him. Khali is also pretty entertaining with the Kiss cam so I think he would fit in there well.

8. Jack Swagger To SmackDown

He is a young and fresh superstar that is ready for the big time. Swagger's true potential maybe discovered on SmackDown. He's not quite good enough for Raw yet, which is why I think he should go to SmackDown first to get better then when he truly is main event material he would go to Raw.

7. Kozlov To ECW

Kozlov has already had title shots. He has been a contender for the WWE title already, but I think they were trying to push him to early.

I think they should send him to ECW where he can contend for the ECW championship, maybe win it a few times then you can bring him back to SmackDown or Raw have him win a US or ITC title (depending on where he goes) and then finally you can contend him for the major titles. But for now his rightful place is ECW.

6. Christian To SmackDown

Christian is too good of an athlete to be left on ECW which is why he should go to SmackDown. Christian is ITC title material and Tag Team Material too and maybe with time he'll become WWE title material too.

All there is on ECW is the ECW which is not that respected. A US title right now would do more for his career than an ECW title. Which is why he's heading to SmackDown.

5. MVP To Raw

MVP is ready to explode! He is an amazing athlete and the WWE better capitalize off the potential this man has.

I say send him to Raw right now and maybe put him in a feud for the World title with people like Batista, Cena, and Edge and then MVP will be Main Event Material no doubt. Then when he seems like he's ready have him defeat one of those men and win the World title.

4. Evan Bourne To Raw

Evan Bourne defines the word extreme. He reminds me of a young Rey Mysterio or Jeff Hardy. His finisher really reminds me of the Swantom Bomb. I think Bourne needs Raw right now.

First he'll become the US champion and then maybe World Champion. Evan is for sure a great face to have on Raw and having him on Raw really improves the roster.

3. Rey Mysterio To SmackDown

It's time for the US title and ITC title to switch shows. As you probably saw before I had MVP going to Raw and as you know he's the US champ. And now I have Rey the ITC champion heading to SmackDown so yeah they're switching shows.

Rey's best years were definitely on SmackDown. Rey has not been too good on Raw besides for his recent ITC win. With that said I think he should go back to SmackDown and be a part of that show. And then later when he's ready to retire head to ECW.

2. Edge To Raw

Some people may rather have Cena and Batista just go to SmackDown, but I want them to stay on Raw and for Edge to come back to Raw. Then these three men can start a great feud for the title with it changing hands almost at every pay-per view.

Another reason I rather have him come here then them go there is for a script where he doesn't rely on his wife, but on his natural skill. Because despite what people might say Edge is a great superstar and not just someone who's good just because of his wife.

1. Orton To SmackDown

Instead of HHH going to Raw I'd rather break up Legacy and send Orton to SmackDown. I'd like to see Orton on his own instead of having him and Legacy just attack everyone.

Also I'm sending him to SmackDown to obviously let him and Triple H continue that feud. And plus with all the new people coming to Raw Orton just doesn't fit in with Raw anymore.

That's what I want how about you?