Mike Adamle Still Screwing Things Up

DozerCorrespondent IApril 6, 2009

We all remember Mike Adamle, but I'm sure some of us would prefer to forget him. He was a former ECW announcer and Raw General Manager. How he got the latter position, I'm not sure.

Mike Adamle didn't know the difference between a Hammerlock and a Hammerhead Shark to save his life. We all remember him calling Jeff Hardy "Jeff Harvey." Maybe that's the reason why they bumped him up to GM.

Even before being named Raw GM, Adamle had more than his share of screw ups. On Apr. 29, 2008, Adamle got up from the announce table and walked away right before the main event on that night's ECW.

If you're the GM, you don't need to know the names of the holds or any of the technical terms (you should, but you don't need to,) so on paper it seemed like a good idea I'm sure.

What we got, was an idiot for a General Manager who couldn't even cut a promo without using index cards. He had no emotion and no backbone. He was influenced by Chris Jericho, and he rushed what could have been a great match.

It was SummerSlam '08, and the stage was set for John Cena vs Batista for the first time ever. While I'm not that big on either of them anymore, it still could have been a great match. Sure the match itself was fairly entertaining...but there was no buildup to it.

Then to make matters even worse, he puts Cena and Batista in a World Tag Team Championship match against Team Priceless just two weeks before their match at SummerSlam.

When they should have been focusing on each other, they had to focus on two other people. Sure they won the titles, but in doing so, they made Team Priceless look weak. Instead of keeping a young and promising tag team together, Adamle makes them drop the titles to Cena and Batista.

Maybe Adamle realized that this was a mistake, who knows, but the next week Team Priceless regained the World Tag Team Championships from Cena and Batista.

So first, he makes Team Priceless look like nothing, then he takes that so-called Tag Team Title reign of Cena and Batista and throws it right out the window by having them lose it seven days later.

Then on the Nov. 3 edition of Raw, Adamle resigned from his position as General Manager of Monday Night Raw. His profile was then removed from wwe.com and his WWE contract expired on Jan. 15, 2009 and was not renewed.

"Thanks for the history lesson Dozer, but what does any of that have to do with him still screwing up?" I'm so glad you asked, but you must have patience young grasshopper. A great magician never reveals his secrets.

As some of you know from reading my articles, I live in Chicago. Ok, I live in the suburbs, but still. Now that I'm working again I've got a fairly busy schedule, so I catch the news whenever I can.

I always try and make time to see what the latest news is with my favorite team, the Chicago Cubs. I was watching the news this past Saturday night and low and behold but who do I see? Mike Adamle is the Sports Broadcaster for NBC5 Chicago.

I forgot that he was part of NBC5 Chicago before his stint in the WWE, so I was pretty surprised. And he's going on about all the stuff that had happened that day in Chicago sports.

That was a pretty bad day for the Cubs, we got spanked by the NY Yankees 10-1. I knew that even before Adamle got to the Cubs game because of the sports ticker at the bottom of the screen.

So Adamle's going on about the one home run the Cubs had that day and how bad of a beating that they received from the Yankees. Then I hear it, Adamle says "And the Cubs lose to the Yankees, 8-1."

I was confused, I swear that the sports ticker said that the Cubs lost 10-1, but Adamle just said they lost 8-1.

So I had my wife go to the Cubs website to double check the score and sure enough, my boys in blue lost 10-1 that day. So Adamle is still screwing things up, even on a local scale.