Texas A&M Commit Derrick Griffin Reportedly Will Not Sign with Aggies

Randy ChambersAnalyst IFebruary 6, 2013

Credit: 247Sports
Credit: 247Sports

There are always strange stories on national signing day and it looks like the Texas A&M Aggies have received the short end of the stick on this one.

Sam Khan Jr. of ESPN is reporting that 4-star player Derrick Griffin will not sign his letter of intent with the team who he originally gave his verbal commitment to in the beginning of the year.

Griffin was supposed to be one of the top commitments for the 2013 Aggies recruiting class. Listed as a 4-star player, he has the size and athleticism to play the tight end or the wide receiver position. This is why ESPN lists the elite prospect as a tight end, while 247Sports has him fitting in best at wide receiver.

Nobody can really put a finger on this situation. He isn't expected to sign with Texas A&M and there aren't any reports surfacing about him playing somewhere else. He could possibly take the junior college approach, but that would seem mighty strange for somebody who has all of the talent in the world to play for a BCS program.

Tim Teykl, who is Griffin's high school coach, told ESPN that not even he knows what exactly is going on with his skilled offensive player.

"I'm not sure what he's going to do," Teykl said.

So what are the options for Griffin at this point? Well, he did tweet that he may be interested in playing another sport all together at the collegiate level.

Griffin was a two-way athlete in high school and may in fact decide to play basketball instead, which would totally throw everybody for a loop. There were concerns earlier in the recruiting process that he wouldn't be eligible to play for Texas A&M due to his poor grades, but he did tell ESPN that he has drastically improved in the class room.

At first, I was not doing anything. Griffin told ESPN.com. Afterward, I realized what I had to do. Then I started doing all my work, started participating more and everything. Now, having seen how it was [at Texas A&M], I think, 'Man, I can't miss this opportunity.' So I'm going to do whatever I have to do to get in.

This doesn't seem like it has to do with poor academics, it seems like the talented football player is having a change of heart and may have found a new love in a completely different sport. Sure, his build at 6'7", 210 pounds seems like it is too good to pass up on the gridiron, but these bizarre stories are what you expect to hear on NSD.

Regardless of what decision Griffin ends up making, this is certainly a story that is worth keeping an eye on. The only thing anybody knows for sure at this point is that he won't be wearing shoulder pads and a helmet for the Texas A&M Aggies during the 2013 season.

Johnny Manziel will have to find another elite offensive weapon elsewhere, which shouldn't be that difficult with Ricky Seals-Jones and JaQuay Williams soon to step on campus.