Jeff Garcia Signs With Oakland Raiders

Gil BecerraCorrespondent IApril 6, 2009

An article was posted by "Greg Peterson" over the weekend about the talks of the Oakland Raiders signing QB Jeff Garcia, and now this has been confirmed by the Associated Press, along with KNBR 680, in the Bay Area.

Garcia met with former coach Lane Kiffin two years ago about coming to Oakland. Garcia didn't want to come here to back up then No. 1 pick JaMarcus Russell. Two years later, he's back and willing to deal with the backup role.

This is a awesome move. Why? Garcia should be able to school JaMarcus Russell on how to be successful. Garcia is the opposite of JaMarcus when it comes to size, talent, arm strength, and expectations. JaMarcus has had the non-pleasure of having Marcus Tuiasosopo, Andrew Walter, and Josh McCown. The issue with those guys is that they've never had success as starters/winners in the NFL.

Tuia is a lifelong backup. Andrew is someone we had hopes for that hasn't been put in the best positions to succeed. Josh McCown (last year) showed some skill last year yet is another journeyman.

With Garcia in the door with past success, this can only benefit JaMarcus. I hope Garcia will be open enough to teach Russell to be the man. At 39, after playing with the 49ers, Browns, Lions, Eagles, and Bucs, he might be ready to sit back some. His decision-making abilities have remained solid no matter the situation (except in Detroit, but what else do you expect there?).

This off-season continues to impress with small yet important roster moves. The financial numbers haven't been mentioned, but whatever it is, he's worth it. Great move by the front office.