Debate: Who Should Be the Bears' Top Free Agent Target?

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Debate: Who Should Be the Bears' Top Free Agent Target?
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With the uncertain futures of Hester and Urlacher, along with the offensive line struggles, who should be the Bears' top targets in free agency?


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First they need to focus in house to keep Melton. Then we should look to FA for a tackle possible Clady, I wouldn't go big ticket on this since we hav...
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First! resign Melton. Period. Then resign Urlacher, especially since he sounds willing to give a hometown discount. I would go with Jermon Bushrod a...
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Yeah, right. Starting price for Flacco is expected to be $ 20 MILION per season, plus the Ravens aren't going to simply let their Super Bowl MVP just...
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In house Melton, Louis and Urlacher, Restructure a few bigger veteran contracts & cut dead weight (K. Davis, anyone?), then beef up left side of O...
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The Bears need real fans who actually know football and who don't constantly cry about a QB who they call a crybaby. Go like another team cause idiots...
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