Vince Can't See Me: Week 3 Service Announcement

Lucas BerndtCorrespondent IApril 6, 2009

You see a room in which Lucas Berndt the owner of EHW.

" Hello everyone I have an important announcement. Many of you are wondering why Friday Night Frenzy did not air. Well we have decided to give our superstars some time off before Dark Resonance. We won't be airing any shows this week so don't expect any.

Also we have a new match for Dark Resonance. Chris Jericho has challenged me for ownership of the EHW. We will be the last match at Dark Resonance to see if I retain ownership of the EHW.

That is all my friends. I hope you all tune in to Dark Resonance. Good Bye."

Lucas then leaves the room and the camera shuts off leaving only the Dark Resonance symbol before the show is over.