CM Punk Is Mr. Money in the Bank...Deal With It

Kevin WilliamsCorrespondent IApril 6, 2009

I haven't written on Bleacher Report in over two months simply because nothing in the wrestling world has inspired me to do so. I do check the wrestling section frequently, and from what I'm seeing just about everyone hated Wrestlemania and everyone's least favorite part of the night was CM Punk winning the Money in the Bank for the second year in a row.

Complain as you might, the fact in the matter is that Phil Brooks climbed the ladder and grabbed that briefcase to earn himself a title shot, and like the title says, we are all just going to have to deal with it.

Those in the wrestling section who know me know that I am a CM Punk fan, but I was as shocked as anyone to see him win the briefcase for the second year in a row.

Most people agree that the Money in the Bank match is one of those matches, similar to the King of the Ring, where the winner is a young talent that is about to get a big push from the creative team.

With that said, for Punk to win it two years running seems absurd seeing as he held on to some kind of gold for most of the past year.

After recovering from the shock and happiness (he is my favorite wrestler after all), it started to make sense. After such a huge push Randy Orton would surely walk out with the WWE title in the main event and somewhere down the road he would feud with CM Punk.

He did cost Punk the title after all, and their rivalry has been left somewhat unfinished.

The only problem with this is that Triple H defeated Randy Orton last night, so that feud for the most part is either on hold or not in the creative team's plans.

As upset as most of the wrestling community may be, one thing that I have learned in my many years as a wrestling fan is that you're just going to have to put up with what WWE gives you.

No matter what we, the fans, think, we really have no say in the WWE's decision making. If the fans say one thing, then WWE is surely going to take another route.

We all assumed that Christian's return meant the the re-ignition of the Hardy Boys versus Edge and Christian feud. Instead, since wrestling fans kept going on about it, we got Matt Hardy versus Jeff Hardy, and Edge and Christian have yet to acknowledge eachother's existence on-screen.

I'm sure many assumed Christian was going to win Money in the Bank and feud with Edge for the World Heavyweight Championship. That is probably the exact reason why the WWE went another route and chose CM Punk to win it instead.

Many then bring up the question: why not give it to Shelton Benjamin or Kane? These are the same people that say that Shelton isn't championship material because he isn't great on the mic, or that Kane's character has lost all credibility after the loss of his mask, and other questionable storylines.

Those people will probably admit that all that is true, but at least they paid their dues. Anyone who thinks that CM Punk hasn't paid his dues has never heard of Ring of Honor wrestling.

CM Punk was already well known before he made his debut WWE debut in 2006, as you can tell by the reception he got in his first match, many fans already knew him.

Just because wasn't stuck in a WWE farm territory his whole career doesn't mean he hasn't "paid his dues."

As stated earlier, I am as surprised as anyone that something like the Money in the Bank could be given to any superstar more than one time, but even Edge didn't face this kind of backlash when he took Mr. Kennedy's briefcase from him to hold the MITB for the second time.

Kennedy was injured, but he still had over half a year to recover and cash in his title shot.

The good news for those who are not too high on CM Punk is that this may just be his last chance at the big time in WWE. If he doesn't go over really big by Wrestlemania 26, then we might just see Vince and the creative team give up on him.

Then again, it is also his chance to become World Champion once more, and carry the WWE on his shoulders. As far as I'm concerned, the WWE owes CM Punk this much after the way his last World Title run went.

Who knows? If not for the constant gossip and spoilers in the wrestling community, maybe Christian would be Mr. Money in the Bank. I feel that the wrestling community is its own worst enemy because of situations like this.

As for CM Punk holding the Money in the Bank briefcase, there is nothing anyone can do about it, so i suggest those who remain bitter build a bridge and get over it.