Miami Football: Grading the 2013 Hurricanes Class

David MayerCorrespondent IFebruary 6, 2013

Miami Football: Grading the 2013 Hurricanes Class

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    The Miami Hurricanes concluded national signing day with a total of 17 recruits (16—waiting on Ryheem Lockleys letter of intent). Heading into signing day everyone knew the Hurricanes were going to have a small class, so nothing was really a surprise to me throughout the day.

    Overall the Hurricanes finished with some great recruits that could provide depth and even see a lot of the playing field as soon as this season.

    Here are my grades on the Miami Hurricanes 2013 recruiting class.


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    Kevin Olsen, QB

    Height: 6'2"

    Weight: 195

    High School: Wayne Hills High School (Wayne, NJ)

    Breakdown: Anyone that follows the recruiting scene knows who Kevin Olsen is by now as he was recruited by a lot of schools across the country. We will just say it's a good thing his brother played (Greg) at Miami—which evidently gave the Hurricanes that edge in snagging him.

    Olsen is a very smart quarterback with a decent arm and great feet. He can move out of the pocket and is very accurate with his passes.

    Many websites have Olsen as the Hurricanes best overall recruit—and they may be right—but he has a lot of talented quarterbacks in front of him.


    Miami didn't necessarily need to land a quarterback in its limited class but not signing Kevin Olsen would have been a big mistake.

    Although Olsen doesn't have the strongest arm in the class he certainly has the football smarts to become an elite quarterback—similar to Ken Dorsey.

    I honestly see Olsen as red-shirting but with a strong offseason he can certainly compete with Ryan Williams, Preston Dewey and Gray Crow for the No. 2 spot on the depth chart.

    Grade: A

Running Back

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    Ray Lewis III, RB

    Height: 5'9"

    Weight: 190

    High School: Lake Mary Preparatory School (Lake Mary, FL)

    Breakdown: Not many scouts have been overly-impressed with what Ray Lewis III did and that is exactly what the Lewis family has been used to. When Ray Lewis (yes, that Ray Lewis) was at Miami, not many people believe in him because he was on the smaller side—now he is a NFL hall of fame lock.

    Lewis III isn't as athletic as his father but is definitely someone that could surprise a lot of people. He has decent speed but his will to find ways to run the ball is what makes him a very special player.

    Augustus Edwards, RB

    Height: 6'0"

    Weight: 215

    High School: Tottenville High School (Staten Island,NY)

    Breakdown: Augustus 'Gus' Edwards is a terrific recruit for the Hurricanes after losing the battle for Alex Collins.Edwards is exactly what the Hurricanes need to compliment Duke Johnson—a big, physical back with good speed.

    I expect Edwards to gain a little more weight and become that power back to help Duke get some rest. He could definitely see some time on the playing field as early as this season.


    The Hurricanes lost Mike James last year making Duke the featured back for the upcoming season. Although Duke is considered one of the best running backs in the country, Miami needed someone to compliment him.

    Miami lost Alex Collins to Arkansas, but was able to snag Gus Edwards. Edwards has great size (6'0" 215 pounds) and speed giving Miami the one-two punch they need in the backfield.

    Although no one should count out Ray Lewis III, I just don't know if he has enough to get on the field this season. Unless he actually moves to cornerback, a position that needs depth.

    Grade: B-

Wide Receivers/Tight End

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    Standish Dobard, TE

    Height: 6'4"

    Weight: 245

    High School: Edna Karr High School (New Orleans, LA)

    Breakdown: Standish Dobard is one of the best tight end prospects in the country (No. 4 according to ESPN) that possesses great hands and solid speed.

    Dobard is not afraid to take a hit and provides more depth to a loaded position. The only thing I question is how much playing time he will get this season. There are already five tight ends on the roster not including the three from the 2013 class.

    *Note: Dobard enrolled at Miami on Jan. 21.

    Beau Sandland, TE

    Height: 6'5"

    Weight: 250

    Junior College: Pierce College (Los Angeles, CA)

    Breakdown: When I look at tape of all the players coming to Miami, no one has been more impressive than junior college-transfer Beau Sandland. I understand that he wasn't playing against the best competition at Pierce College, but he has the skills and athleticism to be the next Jeremy Shockey.

    Sandland has amazing hands, is very strong and has a knack for breaking tackles. Even though there are five current tight ends on the current Cane roster, I honestly believe he will compete with Clive Walford right off the bat for a starting position.

    *Note: Sandland enrolled at Miami on Jan. 25.

    Ryheem Lockley, WR (athlete)

    Height: 6'4"

    Weight: 215

    Junior College: Middlesex High School (Salude, VA)

    Breakdown: Ryheem Lockley is a little bit of an unknown. The 6'4" 215 is considered an athlete according to but will most likely be used as tight end or wide receiver for the Canes'. He possesses great athleticism along with his size and could be the deep threat the Hurricanes have been looking for since Tommy Streeter.

    Stacy Coley, WR

    Height: 6'1"

    Weight: 175

    School: Oakland Park Northeast (Fort Lauderdale, FL)

    Breakdown: Stacy Coley is one of the biggest pickups for the Hurricanes on national signing day. Coley is a 4-star recruit that will bring amazing talent to Miami. Although he won't be the fastest receiver on the team, Coley brings great route-running skill and amazing hands.


    In all honesty I was not 100 percent sure on why there were so many wide receiver and tight end recruits because Miami has a roster full of terrific players already. I had thought the Hurricanes would try more for defensive linemen, but it turns out that this bunch will give Miami some terrific depth.

    Especially with the signing Stacy Coley. Coley is a tremendous athlete that will compete for playing time this upcoming season.

    Grade: A-

Offensive Line

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    Hunter Knighton, OT

    Height: 6'5"

    Weight: 265

    High School: The Hun School of Princeton (Pirinceton, NJ)

    Breakdown: Hunter Knighton isn't the highest rated prospect on the list but he provides Miami with the option of playing tackle on offense or defense.

    Knighton played both sides of the ball in high school but with how bad the defensive line was last year for the Hurricanes I still see Al Golden moving him to the defense at some point this season.

    *Note: Knighton enrolled at Miami on Jan. 16.

    Alex Gall, OG

    Height: 6'5"

    Weight: 290

    High School: Moeller High School (Cincinnati, OH)

    Breakdown: Alex Gall has the size and athleticism to get on to the depth chart as early as this upcoming season, especially since the Hurricanes have little depth at guard right now.

    Gall is extremely strong with great feet and is an absolute beast at run-blocking. He reminds me of a lot like Ereck Flowers from last season. I believe he gets a lot of playing time this season, maybe even some at tackle.

    Sunny Odogwu, OT

    Height: 6'8"

    Weight: 287

    Prep school: Hargrave Military Academy (Chatham, VA)

    Breakdown: Sunny Odogwu is a very big offensive lineman that reminds me of a young Jonathan Franklin. Even with the great size Odogwu is a little raw and will need more time to develop.

    Unfortunately for Odogwu the Hurricanes already have a handful of talented tackles and he will most likely get red-shirted. Don't count out the fact that if he has a strong spring and summer showing, he could certainly find his way on the depth chart early.

    *Note: Odogwu enrolled at Miami on Jan. 14.


    Everyone understands that importance of good offensive linemen and I believe the Hurricanes did a decent job at recruiting some good athletes. Although none of them are 4- or 5-star recruits, they should provide good depth to one of the best offensive lines in the ACC.

    Grade: C+

Defensive Line

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    Alquadin Muhammad, DE

    Height: 6'3"

    Weight: 230

    High School: Don Bosco High School (Ramsey, NJ)

    Breakdown: We all know how poor the Hurricanes defensive line was last year and stealing Alquadin Muhammad from the likes of Alabama surely helps fix the wounds.

    Muhammad is a terrific athlete that can play end and linebacker, but with the defensive line in shambles, I would bet my last dollar that he plays on the line.

    I honestly believe that we will see Muhammad a lot this season and he may even start from day one—yes, I believe in this kid that much.

    Efomba Kamalu, DT

    Height: 6'6"

    Weight: 280

    Junior College: Butler Community College (El Dorado, KA)

    Breakdown: Ufomba Kamalu was a surprise commitment over the past weekend coming out of nowhere. Quite honestly I don't even know much about him besides of what I read.

    All I need to know is that he is a terrific run-stopper that can plug the middle, something the Hurricanes so desperately need right now.

    Based solely on the fact that he has played two years at a college level and has a nice size to him already, Kamalu should make an immediate impact this upcoming season.


    If there is one position on the Hurricanes team that needed the most help it is the defensive line. The defense line was absolutely horrific last season so adding depth and more competition was vital to Al Golden and staff.

    Unfortunatly the Hurricanes were only to land one defensive tackle in community college transfer Efomba Kamalu. I believe Kamalu has the potential to compete right away for a starting spot but isn't  as impressive and helpful as Keith Bryant (committed to FSU) would have been.

    The defensive line took another hit when 4-star defensive end Jaynard Bostwick shunned Miami to play for Florida.

    Overall, Miami was able to land a stud at defensive end with Alquadin Muhammad, but the lack of defensive tackles irks me and forced me to give Miami the poor grade.

    Grade: D


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    Devante Bond, OLB

    Height: 6'3"

    Weight: 230

    Junior College: Sierra College (Rocklin, CA)

    Breakdown: Devante Bond could actually be the sleeper of all the recruits. Primarily a linebacker in high school and junior college, he possesses great quickness and speed on the edges.

    I believe the Hurricanes will use Bond as a defensive end on passing situations and could certainly do what Tyriq McCord did last year in his first season with the Hurricanes.

    Alex Figueroa,OLB

    Height: 6'3"

    Weight: 215

    High School: Brooke Point High School (Stafford, VA)

    Breakdown: Alex Figueroa is a very athletic linebacker with good speed and quickness. He has the size and athletic ability to play a bunch of different positions including defense end, where I believe he will end up playing.

    The Hurricanes already have a plethora of young, talented linebackers and I believe Figueroa will gain some weight and end of being an end in passing situations.

    *Note: Figueroa enrolled at Miami on Jan. 16.

    Jermaine Grace, OLB

    Height: 6'1"

    Weight: 195

    High School: Miramar High School (Hollywood,FL)

    Breakdown: Jermaine Grace was a great catch for the Hurricanes this signing day based solely on the fact that this kid is a complete athlete. He can move extremely well and seems to be everywhere on the field on every down.

    He will need to bulk up some (6'1" 195 pounds) but will certainly contribute to an already stacked linebacker position.


    Another position where Miami already has good depth is at linebacker so depth was the only real necessity for the Hurricanes this year.

    Don't get me wrong, landing 5-star stud Matthew Thomas (signed with FSU) would have been amazing, but I believe in the current roster.

    The funny think about both Alex Fiqueroa and Devante Bond is that I don't believe either of them will play linebacker at Miami. I see them both moving to the defensive line, which could actually make these two better recruits than everyone believes.

    Landing Jermaine Grace solidified the linebackers as being one of the best deepest units on the team.

    Grade: C+

Defensive Backs

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    Artie Burns, CB

    Height: 6'0"

    Weight: 183

    High School: Miami Northwestern High School (Miami, FL)

    Breakdown: The only reason Artie Burns isn't the Hurricanes No.1 prospect on my list is because the defensive line needs more help than the cornerbacks this season. Besides that, Burns is going to be one heck of an addition to the Canes' defensive backfield.

    With Thomas Finnie leaving school and Brandon McGee graduating, the Hurricanes are in desperate help at the corner position. I believe Tracy Howard will start one side but it's completely open on the other side.

    That is where Burns will compete. Burns has great quickness and can cover with the best of them. I wouldn't be surprised if Burns starts at corner at the beginning of the season.

    Jamal Carter, S

    Height: 6'1"

    Weight: 190

    High School: Miami Southridge Senior High School (Miami, FL)

    Breakdown: Although Jamal Carter isn't the highest ranked recruit for the Hurricanes, he may become one of their best.

    Carter is listed as an athlete but will no doubt play the role of safety. The Hurricanes lack depth at the safety position and quite honestly Deon Bush is the only automatic starter come fall.

    I believe Carter will compete with Kacy Rodgers immediately and may even start sometime this season.


    To me, this was the Hurricanes best recruiting position of the entire offseason. Jamal Carter and Artie Burns are terrific athletes that will certainly compete for playing time this upcoming season.

    With the departure of Brandon McGee, Vaughn Telemaque and Thomas Finnie, the Hurricanes have limited depth at the defensive back position.

    Grade: A+


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    Normally I would be upset over losing 4-and 5-star recruits but I honestly am not surprised when Alex Collins, Jaynard Bostwick, Keith Bryant and Matthew Thomas decided to take their talents elsewhere.

    It's just the was high school kids are these days. Some want the bigger stage, more playing time right away while some want the chance of a national championship—most of what Miami will not offer this upcoming season.

    Now I am not saying Miami won't be good because the Hurricanes return a plethora of players from last year's team and could compete for a BCS bowl bid if they play up to expectations.

    Regarding this year's recruiting class, even with missing out on the above mentioned players, Miami has plenty of talent heading to Coral Gables.

    Artie Burns and Jamal Carter could certainly compete for playing time right away and even take over as a full-time starter.

    Alquadin Muhammad has the skills to start on a very questionable defensive line from last year.

    As far as offense goes, the Hurricanes recruited several players for the future especially in 5-star quarterback Kevin Olsen.

    My biggest problem about this class isn't the fact they lost some local talent, but the fact that the Hurricanes never landed many defensive tackles. I honestly believe the defense is in dire needs for more competition and this class doesn't provide that.

    If the Hurricanes could have landed Bostwick and Bryant I would have given this recruiting class a B+, but they didn't.

    That being said Al Golden did a fairly good job recruiting with limited scholarships.

    Overall Grade: B-