Most Logical Trade Targets for the Charlotte Bobcats

Amber North@NoDensityContributor IIFebruary 6, 2013

Most Logical Trade Targets for the Charlotte Bobcats

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    The Charlotte Bobcats have been pretty low-key in trade talks. 

    It hasn't stopped the rumors from swirling, and Sacramento Kings center DeMarcus Cousins is a name that frequently pops up. 

    The Bobcats need to resuscitate their post game, and Cousins could be one of a few candidates that could help them in that area.

    NBA Draft lottery picks can only take a team so far. Charlotte needs to find a player that will help them rise from the bottom of the standings.


    *Statistics effective through Feb. 5

DeMarcus Cousins

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    After receiving his third ejection of the season on Feb. 4, DeMarcus Cousins is becoming more known for his erratic behavior than his on-court performance.

    That still hasn’t stopped teams from trying to lure him via trade.

    He recently told Boston Globe’s Baxter Holmes that he was unaware of his name being in constant trade rumors.

    The Boston Celtics, Dallas Mavericks and Orlando Magic have all been linked with a Cousins trade, with a few whispers here and there from the Bobcats.

    Charlotte could use Cousins' double-double average (17.2 points, 10 rebounds a game) in its weak frontcourt.

    Jeff Adrien and Bismack Biyombo were the starting big men in the Bobcats’ loss to the Houston Rockets on Feb. 2. Adrien’s four points were the only scoring contribution from the two.

    The Bobcats are so stacked with guards, so seeking a power forward or center is a must for this team. Even with Cousins’ oft-cancerous attitude, he is still a major asset for the Kings.

    The future is uncertain for Cousins. For one, he still has another year left on his rookie contract after this season. Another is the fact that the Kings allegedly aren’t interested in trading him.

    It wouldn't hurt the Bobcats to keep trying, though.

Josh Smith

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    Here is another strong personality whose name stays in trade talks.

    In a recent interview with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Josh Smith said he was worth receiving a maximum contract—something more than the $13.2 million he’s already getting.

    That could be a tough sell for the Bobcats, but he would definitely bring some excitement back to Charlotte.

    After all, Smith will find out the hard way that he’s not a max player, so if the Bobcats could coax him in making the same or a little more amount of money, he could fit in the offense well.

    Most importantly, the Bobcats could use Smith’s tenacious defense. And while he is a nine-year veteran, he is still fresh enough (27) to keep up with the Bobcats’ young lineup. That could be a nice combo to help rebuild a team.

Al Jefferson

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    This is an unlikely trade, given that the Utah Jazz really needs Al Jefferson in their lineup.

    He is making $15 million this year and is an unrestricted free agent. Basically, he can shop around and get a nice, lucrative contract from whoever is willing to throw their dollars at him.

    The Bobcats may have to join the trend of teams paying huge bucks in order to build for the future.

    The Toronto Raptors and Houston Rockets did it, with the Raptors recently getting Rudy Gay and the Rockets getting James Harden and Jeremy Lin last year.

    The Bobcats would gain from at least staying in the loop.

    This would definitely be a good pickup for the Bobcats. Jefferson’s post presence is still dominant, despite having lower averages in points and rebounds this season.

    His determination to win would be another plus for Charlotte.

    And it’s not all about stealthy post moves with Jefferson. He can even nail a three, as he proved against the Toronto Raptors in November when he tied the game at 104 with only five seconds left.

    It would be wise to not get your hopes up, because the Jazz will probably keep him.

Paul Millsap

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    If the Bobcats fail to get Al Jefferson, getting Paul Millsap could be a nice trade off.

    He isn’t as powerful as Jefferson, but he still gets the job done in true big man fashion. And he, too, can surprise opponents behind the arc, like when he scored three consecutive treys in 11 seconds against the Miami Heat two seasons ago.

    But he’s been with the Jazz during his entire seven-year career, and it’s getting mighty crowded down below with reserves Derrick Favors and two-year player Enes Kanter.

    It’s a good opportunity for Charlotte to take advantage of that fact and seek him out. He would be leaving a potential playoff team, but he wouldn’t be sharing the spotlight with Jefferson anymore.

    The Bobcats would benefit greatly from Millsap, and with the right offer, they could land him and use him as the foundation to rebuilding their frontcourt.

J.J. Redick

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    If the Bobcats felt inclined to add another guard to their roster, Orlando Magic’s J.J. Redick would be a good one to snag, according to Bobcats fan blog

    It’s pretty far-fetched, but there’s no harm in hypothesizing.

    Redick is having the best season of his career, averaging 15.3 points and 4.5 assists a game from the bench. He is not afraid to go in the paint, but there’s no denying his catch-and-shooting brilliance.

    The Bobcats already have a three-point specialist in Ben Gordon, but Redick is making half as much as him.

    Too bad Gordon is set to make $13.2 million next year. He’s not too different from Redick, anyhow, so a deal probably would not happen.

    In conclusion, the Bobcats would be better off looking for a power forward or center.