Bayern Munich vs. Barcelona

Kenny Roger MoiseContributor IApril 6, 2009

Yet another match-up between two European football powerhouses are that of Bayern Munich and Barcelona. With enough firepower on either side that have been marching their way in the Champions League by means of goal-fests, it should also be a test of who has the best defense lines?

Defense-wise Puyol seems to be the first name that crops up in my mind taking both teams in consideration. Bayern do have the amazing Phillip Lahm in their defense lines. Some say offense is the best defense. But I would say both offense and defense would be crucial.

The midfield guys will be the ones to watch out. Demand of the ball by whom is an aspect we all would be very aware of. What matters would be who would be supplying the ball around.

The charismatic Xavi is there for the men at Nou Camp but Bayern is well-equipped with the likes of the menacing Frenchman Ribery. Gudjohnsen and Iniesta are the names I can think of from Barca. But the Bayern captain Van Bommel may have some special plans for Barca when they meet.

The Champions League surely will miss the Italian teams this time around, however we have the likes of Luca Toni in this game.

So let the excitement unravel even further when these two teams meet.