Is Bugs Bunny the Greatest Banned Player Ever?

Landis MarksSenior Analyst IMarch 28, 2008

The great Carrot League contest that was re-visited earlier this week as been di-sected by the good folks at the USS Mariner.

Their amazing. painstaking deconstruction of this epic battle between baseball evil and comedic good stands in the parthenon of what the blogosphere was meant to be.
Sabermetrics, science, culture and how we treat our fellow man and rabbits for that matter are all analyzed with a controversial though, IMHO accurate conclusion.

With the DVD release of “Looney Tunes Golden Collection” it is at last possible for us to examine in detail one of the most famous baseball games ever played, and see what lessons the contest holds for the community of baseball analysts.

“Baseball Bugs” (1946) depicts a game held at the Polo Grounds. No date is given, but artifacts shown such as public address equipment and advertisements (”Filboid Studge,” “Nox, 2 for 25,” “Manza Champagne”) definitively place it during the 1946 season. The visiting Gas House Gorillas are playing against the home team, the Tea Totallers. It is a day game and conditions are good. LINK