Liverpool VS Chelsea: Whose Side Are You On?

Kenny Roger MoiseContributor IApril 6, 2009

The 8th and 14th of April are two dates that most English fans will love, as well as dread, the most. These two days will be the Quarter-Final matches (first and second leg) between Liverpool and Chelsea.

Though two other colossal giants, Bayern Munich and Barcelona, meet on the same days, this article is more about the teams mentioned in the title. Liverpool's amazing form as well as Chelsea's late surge make this match a really tough one to predict.

After seeing Gerrard and Lampard play side by side for England, it will be a treat for all football fans as they face off against each other. Liverpool look all set with the likes of Benayoun, Riera, Torres, Kuyt and so on.

Chelsea have seen a late surge since Guus Hiddink has taken the helm. John Terry will have to marshall his talented troops against an equally formidable side. I find it hard to compare these two teams as they can be great on any given day.

My only hope is that the better team wins both on the respective match-days and in the end. The last thing on my mind are penalty shootouts, that would be the worst way to see either of the two sides exit.

Personally, my bet would be on Liverpool as they have been relatively consistent when compared to Chelsea. No disrespect to the Blues but I believe that there are times the fluidity of movement within the Liverpool team is simply too good for any team.

The Champions League matches are played at home and away in a two leg format; I believe the team that plays better in both legs is the better team, in fact that team that actually deserves to win.

Last minute breathtaking goals would be entertaining but I would prefer to see goals that result from natural game-play and not some individual brilliance, although it is always welcome