Wrestlemania 25: The Good and The Bad

Svyato RovenchukSenior Writer IApril 6, 2009

As all of you may know Wrestlemania just passed. I personally thought it could've turned out better than it did. There were great things about it and bad things about. I'm going to break them down in this article.


Matt Beats Jeff

All I have to say is "Why?" Why did Matt win? With Matt and Jeff I expected Jeff to be the winner. Jeff performed way better in the match than Matt. Jeff's moves were amazing.

So you really gotta ask why would the writers tell Jeff to lose? I'm lost in this one and I really disagree with the writer's choice.


Miss/Mr Wrestlemania

Santina Marella my ass. That was Santino and everyone knows it. Why would you have Santino Marella win? So it could be funny? Well it wasn't WWE fans wanted divas winning not a guy dressed like a girl who changed the last letter in his first name.

I was personally upset big time, I thought it was going to be someone like Kelly, Maryse, or Melina and not "Santina" aka Santino. This one was a big disappointment in my books.

Rourke attacks Jericho

This match was good except for after it ended. After the match ended Jericho called out Mickey Rourke. The fought and Rourke won. Don't get me wrong this match was good with Jericho winning in the end, but what was the point of Rourke fighting? Well it was still an OK match, I guess.


2 years in a row

This year's Money In The Bank Match was pretty good. The only thing I have against it is why did Punk win again? To give MITB to the same person is not entertaining. 

To see the same person have the opportunity again is not as entertaining as having someone new have it like MVP or Christian. This was a big letdown in my opinion.


Colons Win

Miz and Morrison are clearly the better tag team so why would the Colons win? Because they're brothers? That's not a good reason. Miz and Morrison should've won.

The fact that the Lumberjacks were only attacking Miz and Morrison was not a wise move from the writers. After the match I heard Miz and Morrison in an interview and they said they're going to use they're rematch clause soon. The writers better write a better script for that match!

Other Notable Bads: No Batista coming back.



Rey Wins, JBL quits

This was a great idea. Rey won the match in 21 seconds! With a quick 619 and then a great jump to get the win. And it was history making, it was the quickest Wrestlemania win in history.

Not the type of history JBL would want, but he did keep his promise in two ways. He was also the first person to quit at Mania. This was one of the good parts of Mania.


HBK vs. Undertaker

This match lived up to what it was suppose to be. There where Tombstones, Sweet Chin Music, Chokeslams, Last rides, big jumps, big chops, big punches, and plenty more. The fans were chanting "This is awesome" and boy were they right. 

This was probably the best match at Wrestlemania when it comes to "The Streak." And in the end it was 17-0 for The Deadman.


Cena Champion

This match I think surpassed expectations. Cena truly showed his strength that night. He lifted Big Show and Edge at the same time. Eventually Edge got off and Big Show was FUed, but that still takes power. Then right after, another "Attitude Adjustment" connected this time to Edge. Edge landed right on top of Big Show.

Right away Cena pinned and won. Edge still has a rematch clause he can use and I hope he uses it soon for yet another great match.


Orton vs. HHH

riple H was the winner, but you can't forget about Randy Orton's amazing performance. Triple H really showed his strength in this match while Orton showed his resilience. This match was simply amazing that's all I can say. I hope this feud lasts a while for more great matches such as this one.


Other Notable Goods: Stone Cold's performance!

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