Predicting Stats for the Chicago Blackhawks' Top 10 Players in 2013 Season

Taylor GiffinCorrespondent IIFebruary 6, 2013

Predicting Stats for the Chicago Blackhawks' Top 10 Players in 2013 Season

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    The Chicago Blackhawks are now 10 games into a shortened NHL season. Simply put, the team has been on fire.

    Not only does their record support this, they're sitting at 8-0-2, the stats their top players have been producing do also.

    Will they be able to keep up the pace they have set? Has Kane finally regained his scoring touch? Can Nick Leddy become the team's most offensive threat from the blue line?

    All of these questions will be answered once the season ends. Right now, however, it is anyone's guess as to how these player's stat lines will look after 48 games of hockey.

    Without further wait, here are the top 10 players on the Chicago Blackhawks' stat predictions for the 2013 season.

Corey Crawford, Goalie

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    Corey Crawford has found his game.

    The extended lockout, it would seem, gave him some extra time to get back into top form. Last season, Crawford was a little shaky to say the least.

    This year however, it has been an entirely different story.

    Crawford has been a factor in every single game he has played. He continues to struggle at times controlling his rebounds, but, given everything else Crawford can do it is not a huge problem.


    Record: 23-7-8

    Shutouts: 2

    Goals Against Average: 2.12

    Save Percentage: .920

Duncan Keith, Defense

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    Duncan Keith may never again post the same numbers he did when he won the Norris Trophy and we should all stop thinking he will.

    If Keith plays well he will put up points, but more importantly, he needs to play well in his own end.

    Keith has great speed and a very active stick. The offense can handle itself and Keith needs to make sure he controls the Blackhawks' own zone, before venturing too far into the opponents.


    Goals: 5

    Assists: 14

    Points: 19

Nick Leddy, Defense

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    Nick Leddy has shown, so far in this shortened season, that he has improved his play from last year.

    Leddy is making the right choices when he has the puck and is playing confidently in his own end. He may still have some work to do but he has been taking steps in the right direction.

    He could possibly end up leading the Blackhawks defencemen in points. Leddy has the offensive talent, but like Keith, needs to make sure his own end is safe first.


    Goals: 3

    Assists: 20

    Points: 23

Brent Seabrook, Defense

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    Brent Seabrook is one part of the dynamic duo the Blackhawks have on the blueline. 

    Seabrook is a solid defender in his own end and not afraid to get dirty, or make a hit, to get the puck.

    Seabrook plays tough, but also seems to have a knack for being a part of timely goals. He sees time in all situations on the ice, and that in itself, means points will be put on the board for Seabrook.


    Goals: 7

    Assists: 16

    Points: 23

Brandon Saad, Forward

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    He finally got his first goal. Hopefully it will lead to more.

    Although it took him 10 games to finally score in the NHL, do not expect his second to take that long to get.

    Saad has played extremely well since being put on the first line after Dan Carcillo got injured. He battles hard, skates hard and plays a strong all-around game.


    Goals: 8

    Assists: 14

    Points: 22

Dave Bolland, Forward

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    Dave Bolland has found a home on the Blackhawks' second line.

    That means, he will have the chance to put up a good number of points. Although he does provide the much needed defensive presence for his line, with both Sharp and Kane playing on his wings, Bolland has made the most of his move up the lineup.

    He has been receiving power play time and has shown to everyone how important he is to the Blackhawks.

    Finally, they have given him the spotlight.


    Goals: 11

    Assists: 17

    Points: 28

Patrick Sharp, Forward

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    Patrick Sharp has got off to a slow start, at least in the goal department, but expect that to change.

    When you have a shot like Sharp, and a natural way of putting the puck into the back of the net, goals will come in bunches. 

    Sharp only has two goals on the campaign but all it takes is for him to get hot to turn it around. When that happens, Sharp will be filling the net with pin-point accuracy.


    Goals: 17

    Assists: 17

    Points: 34

Marian Hossa, Forward

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    Marian Hossa started the year off with a bang. He has stil been producing well since those first two games, where he accumulated five of his 10 points, but not at the same pace.

    Nonetheless, Hossa is a dangerous player. He is one of the hardest working Blackhawks and also one of the hardest to remove from the puck.

    Whenever he enters the offensive zone he is dangerous. Hossa is good at finding the open space, either with himself or his passes, which allows him to be involved in a lot of scoring chances.


    Goals: 20

    Assists: 24

    Points: 44

Jonathan Toews, Forward

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    Jonathan Toews may be the Blackhawks' best all-around player.

    He will put up the points, but most importantly is his ability to play in all situations at either end of the ice.

    His most impressive stat at season's end may be his faceoff winning percent. If there is ever a crucial draw to be won expect Toews to be the one to take it, and expect him to win it as well.


    Goals: 23 

    Assists: 26 

    Points: 49

Patrick Kane, Forward

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    Patrick Kane may have found his game again. 

    His last few years with the Blackhawks have not been where they need to be for a player of his skill level. This season, however, he has blossomed.

    Back in a comfortable spot on the wing, and having a regular line comprised of himself, Patrick Sharp and Dave Bolland in the middle, Kane has been lighting it up.

    Do not expect this to change anytime soon, as Kane will look to try to lead the team in scoring by the end of the season.


    Goals: 19 

    Assists: 32

    Points: 51


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