Why Orton Could Be the Next Austin

Christi LottCorrespondent IApril 6, 2009

While watching Wrestlemania and listening to the fans, when Orton was in control, it's obvious he's doing something for fans that he shouldn't be doing.

Orton has been built as practically the ultimate heel, beating up every single member of the McMahon family, especially Stephanie. A man attacking a woman should always get booed out of the arena, and yet Orton gets cheered. The crowds beg for more.

This is what Austin did.

No, I will first say no one will ever repeat what Stone Cold did. But with the right moves, Orton can take "anti-hero" to a different level. He lacks in Austin's off the cuff, natural charisma; but his sadistic, evil ways and his scary-eyed mannerisms are a sort of escapist fun that fans want now.

Fans that aren't children or casual, recognize the greatness that is in the making with him. He's following in Austin's footsteps in that he will always be on the wrong side of the tracks when it comes to the McMahons.

While the WWE pushes John Cena into every possible position as the star of the WWE, Orton, like a snake, has slithered into the front of everyone's minds and has everyone anticipating his next move.

Right now, the WWE is failing in recognizing the chants and cheers he gets simply from pulling out his RKO finisher. It comes out of nowhere and, even on the biggest babyfaces, the move gets cheered. Those in charge, either can't hear or are ignoring what's happening.

Last night at Wrestlemania, the crowd was quite solidly behind Orton, or more than anything, their support of HHH was mixed. I have no doubt that HHH will eventually be truly running the WWE. Right now, he himself, needs to recognize he just wrestled the future of the company...and he just buried him.