Chris Jericho: How His Loss to CM Punk Highlights a Big Problem

Daniel Van Boom@dvanboomAnalyst IIFebruary 5, 2013


Chris Jericho returned to the WWE in explosive fashion when he was the Royal Rumble’s surprise No. 2 entrant. He’s since appeared on two episodes of Raw and has yet to win a match. 

Jericho is still very sharp in the ring, but his tenure last year was devoid of any significant victories and fell a little flat as a result. It seems like this run that’s just started will be plagued with the same problem.

I know many writers on this site, myself included, have cried foul when part-time stars swing by, beat top talent and don’t put anyone over, but this is the other end of the spectrum.

Jericho isn’t as big a draw as Lesnar or Rock, but he’s still a big deal, so when he gets beaten it should feel like a big deal, but it just doesn’t.

He’s admitted in interviews that he often has arguments with creative over whether or not he should lose matches; he argues that it’s okay for his character to lose a lot of the time and it helps establish younger guys to have them go over a big star like Chris Jericho.

This was mostly fine during his 2007-2010 run, but when he returned last year it felt like all he did was lose.

Granted, he was consistently pitted against world champions, but when he was beaten by Dolph Ziggler, the Show-Off didn’t get a big rub because Jericho had lost so many matches in the seven months prior.

In the above interview Jericho mentioned he was bulletproof, but it's not necessarily the case. The losses are beginning to take a toll on Y2J, particularly now that he's playing a babyface.  

Jericho and CM Punk had a terrific match at last night’s Raw, but Y2J lost. Not only that, but he lost clean.

Creative's perspective is understandable; Rock wasn’t on Raw so a big match was needed to make up for that, plus Punk needs as much momentum as he can get heading into his rematch with the Great One.

Still, Jericho is a six-time world champion and a solid draw, but it doesn’t feel like he’s a big star when he loses so frequently.

Rumors are that Jericho is back to feud with Dolph Ziggler and then Ryback, but what will it mean for either of them to beat him if he loses most of his matches anyway?

It’s admirable that Jericho likes to put newer guys over, and other megastars like Triple H could certainly be a little bit more like him in this way. However, it’s counterproductive for him to lose such a large percentage of his matches, especially when he only does brief stints as a full-time performer.

Losing to the guy who held the WWE championship for 434 days is fine, but right now Jericho is 0-3 since returning.

It may sound paradoxical, but if Jericho wants to put people over, he needs to start winning.