Fact or Fiction with the Latest Boston Celtics Rumors

Zachary ArthurCorrespondent IIFebruary 5, 2013

Who knows how much longer Pierce will be in a Celtics uniform
Who knows how much longer Pierce will be in a Celtics uniformJared Wickerham/Getty Images

With the NBA trade deadline looming, rumors are swirling about what kind of deals the Boston Celtics will be making.

There weren't many specifics concerning Boston's direction and where they are headed, but Rajon Rondo's injury only made things worse. The 24-23 Celtics are looking to hold on to the eighth seed in the playoff race, and a valuable trade could be what puts the team in the best position to make that happen.

Here's a look at whether some of the latest rumors concerning the Boston Celtics are more fact or fiction.


Kevin Garnett Waiving No-Trade Clause

Kevin Garnett is one of the Celtics' biggest named players. He also happens to be on the trading block.

The 37-year-old power forward is having a strong season, averaging 14.8 points and 7.3 rebounds in only 30.1 minutes per game.

If those minutes sound low, it's because they are. Just 30.1 minutes per game are the second-lowest of his career and could be why it will be so hard for Boston to trade the big man.

Well, that and the fact that Garnett has a no-trade clause built into his contract.

There actually happens to be more, though. Celticsblog.com is also reporting that Garnett won't agree to waive the no-trade clause unless Paul Pierce gets dealt first.

That means the only way to get Garnett to leave is for the Celtics to move Pierce first.

Think about that for a second and realize how drastic it is. That would mean that both Garnett and Pierce would be gone come Feb. 22—the day after the trade deadline.

It's too hard to imagine Boston getting completely revamped like that. That would clearly indicate the start of the Celtics rebuilding period, and it doesn't feel like Boston is ready to make that happen.



Paul Pierce Out of Boston

Hoopsworld.com writer Steve Kyler reported that Paul Pierce would be the Celtics' best trade bait. His main concern is that Boston couldn't demand much back by getting rid of Pierce:

Pierce is an attractive trade chip because only $5 million of his $15.55 million owed next year is guaranteed. The problem is the Celtics might want to keep that option for themselves rather than deal Pierce away.

The best chip for the Celtics to move is likely Pierce, however, as one Celtics source pointed out – how bad do the Celtics look without Pierce and can he really return a player or group of players that can turn this ho-hum Celtic season around?

Boston would like to make a deal. Their posture in the marketplace indicates they are open for business. The problem is they don’t have the parts a lot of teams are looking for.

Pierce is in his 15th season, all of them being spent in Boston.

Is he a good trade chip because of his contract? Sure, every team is looking for contracts that help the team shed money. The problem is that the Celtics aren't going to get too much back for the 35-year-old small forward. His return value isn't anywhere close to as high as it would have been three years ago.

The other main issue is that it's hard to see Pierce in colors other than green and white. The chances of him leaving seem to be less and less likely as the trade deadline approaches.

Other teams might want him, but there just isn't much of a trade taking place.

Pierce will retire as a Celtic.



Jason Terry to Championship Contender

Jason Terry famously tattooed a NBA championship trophy onto his arm back when he was with the Dallas Mavericks in 2011. What did that team end up doing that season? That's right, they knocked off the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals and won the championship as extreme underdogs.

Terry was one of the driving forces of the Mavericks, and he did all of that through the sixth-man role.

There is no question that Terry has been one of the league's best sixth men and Ibtimes.com reports that Terry could get moved to a championship contender by the trade deadline.

This is one that people need to really look out for.

A team with a legitimate chance to win an NBA title needs a player that can come off the bench and score. Terry is just that player.

Nobody is going to bring him in for any kind of defense or his play at point guard. He'll be brought in to score and a team that wants him bad enough will give Boston quite a bit for the final piece of the puzzle.

That piece is Terry.



J.J. Redick to the Boston Celtics

Bleacher Report writer Josh Benjamin reported on what ESPN's Marc Stein tweeted regarding J.J. Redick and the Celtics' interest in the Orlando Magic shooting guard.

Well, if you raised an eyebrow at the potential of Boston acquiring Redick, then feel free to put your eyebrow back down and resume whatever it is that you were doing.

Bringing in Redick would be a viable option if Rondo were still healthy and good to go. Rondo would be the perfect player to distribute the rock to Redick, who struggles to create his own shot.

As of right now, though, this deal isn't too realistic.



Brandon Bass, Jason Terry or Courtney Lee Getting Moved for Luxury-Tax Purposes

Brandon Bass has started the fourth-most games for the Celtics, but you wouldn't really know it based on his numbers. He's averaging 7.5 points and 5.0 rebounds per game. Only averaging 25.9 minutes per game shows that he's efficient, but it also means that Boston doesn't really value his court time.

Courtney Lee has seen a recent increase in production; however, it's not enough to warrant a future spot on this team. Lee was brought in for his defensive prowess, but he hasn't made enough of a statement.

Of course, there's Terry, who is one of the biggest threats toward being shipped because of how great of a sixth man he is.

ESPN's Stein has another rumor about the Celtics moving one of these three players to get under the luxury tax. Avoiding the luxury tax could be crucial toward helping Boston rebuild, so it'll be interesting to see where they go from here, but there's a good chance that one of these guys will get moved.


All statistics in this article are accurate as of games played through Feb. 5.