GEICO Super Bowl Commercial with Dikembe Mutombo Was Most Underrated Spot

Michael DulkaContributor IFebruary 5, 2013

Screengrab from
Screengrab from

GEICO's "Happier Than Dikembe Mutombo Blocking a Shot" Super Bowl commercial was the perfect mix of simple, funny and nostalgia to make it one of the best commercials of the night. 

GEICO used the services of the NBA's second-best shot blocker of all-time and incredible global ambassador to make the ad. 

While the beer and car companies got most of the attention after the game, GEICO's ad was mostly forgotten and ignored when discussing best commercials. Taco Bell's "Live Mas" commercial, Budweiser's Clydesdale commercial, Volkswagen's "Get In, Get Happy" and Go Daddy's "Perfect Date" commercial garnered most attention. 

Here is another look at Mutombo blocking everything in sight: 

The ad is a brilliant blend of humor, sports and history that none of the other commercials had. While the Super Bowl is watched by millions of casual sports fans, it was an ode to the older, more historical sports fan. If you don't know who Mutombo is, you probably didn't find the ad very humorous. 

With many of the Super Bowl commercials, the viewer had to pay attention to the whole commercial to grasp its meaning. 

This was a perfectly simple commercial. There wasn't an intricate storyline to follow, which was appreciated. The long storylines should be told during the broadcast, not the commercials. It didn't demand your full attention, but it definitely made it's mark. 

Mutombo was the perfect athlete to feature in a commercial. His deep voice paired with his accent make him quite the unique character. His finger-wag has become a part of all sports and is used frequently at all levels. 

GEICO should be getting more credit for this hilarious commercial. It had everything a sports fan would want to see during the game.