Rashad Evans and Other Fighters I Enjoy Seeing Lose

Andrew Dodds@@oyegueytorontoCorrespondent IIFebruary 5, 2013

Rashad Evans and Other Fighters I Enjoy Seeing Lose

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    Call me a hater. I enjoy seeing some fighters lose. I appreciate their skill and enjoy some of their fights, but I really take pleasure in seeing them suffer. I do not wish them injury nor to have their careers ended; I just like it when their opponent wins.

    So, I am a bad person. Tell me which fighters do that for you and comment on my list.

Micheal Bisping

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    Cry away, Micheal, cry away.

    Nothing is sweeter than seeing "The Count," who exudes the worst sportsmanship in the promotion, pick up a new "L". When a decision does not go his way, the Brit will act like a petulant brat.

    Anyone who spits on people makes the list. That is what makes it so delightful to see him lose.

    UFC 100 still brings a smile to my face. Thank you, Dan Henderson.

Alistair Overeem

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    It is very easy to cheer for the underdog and, comparatively, against the favourite. This is especially true when the favorite is an uber-chiseled freak of force.

    The smug way he dismisses his opponents and the sardonic grin he constantly displays places him on my list. I think "Bigfoot" felt the same way, as he surely enjoyed defeating him, too.

    Sure, Overeem has reason to be cocky, as he is incredibly talented as a striker and grappler, so it makes rooting against him that much more rewarding when he actually loses.

Vitor Belfort

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    If Vitor wins, here comes a lengthy sermon. He will relentlessly expound on the role Jesus played in the win.

    That is why I prefer to see him lose and to save the sanctimonious lecture. Admittedly, he is a very exciting fighter, but rooting for him is not worth hearing his praising of the Lord.

    In church on Sunday, no problem. In a cage after smashing someone...I'll pass on hearing how Jesus helped you do so.

Josh Koscheck

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    Josh Koscheck is a true fighter. He will fight anyone, anywhere, anytime. He is the man in that regard.

    Why he chose to be so disrespectful to the Montreal fans and to GSP, I will never understand. It did not enhance the promotion of the fight and merely cheapened the event. His comeuppance was beautifully enacted by GSP. Very well deserved.

    Furthermore, he is always trying to eye poke people. Seeing him lose is a treat.

Josh Barnett

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    I respect his catch wrestling skills and find him to be affable enough. However, I think it is better for the sport if he loses.

    I prefer seeing more athletic and exciting fighters excel in the heavyweight division. He had his time. The sport has evolved. Let it go.

    Also, after he wins, his mic work is horrible. I feel such second-hand embarrassment for him as he tries to be clever. He wins in boring fashion and acts as if he just didn't beat a smaller, unknown guy. Gotta take pleasure in seeing him lose for the sake of the sport.

Frank Mir

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    I hope my children never talk with that Frank Mir tone or make that Frank Mir smug look on their face. It would make it very easy to hate them.

    How he thinks  everyone is beneath him is beyond me. His pre-fight analyses on how much better he is than his opponent is difficult to stomach.

    I loved it when Brock Lesnar got in his face after he smashed him. Any night when the "Frank Mir peacock walk-around" after he wins is thwarted is a happy night for me.

Tim Sylvia

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    Any loss is one step closer to seeing him retire and never having to see him fight again. Fortunately, enjoying a Sylvia loss brings frequent joy.

    I especially enjoyed his nine-second loss to boxer Ray Mercer. I especially was excited to see him lose again after he defeated Mariusz  Pudzianowski on some backward show and shouted, "I'm back!"

    One of the worst fighters out there who amazingly is convinced he is the best. Who doesn't like to see this guy lose?

Jeff Monson

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    Jeff Monson is a world-class grappler and a first-class bore. He is the antithesis of  a fan-friendly fighter. A Monson loss sends a clear message to other fighters: "Do not fight like this!"

    This is something I staunchly support.

Dominick Cruz

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    I admire his footwork and think he is a beautiful fighter. His technique is sublime and his ability to apply the science behind the game plan is breathtakingly genius.

    However, the attitude and arrogance sickens me.

    Faber is a legend who built the lower divisions into prominence. Cruz needlessly disrespects him. Ironically, he purports to be against bullying yet on international television, he attempts to ridicule Faber for his height and his chin.

    The difficult part here is that he is so talented, he never loses.

Rashad Evans

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    The nipple rubbing after knocking out the "Ice Man."

    The trash talking to Machida as he got  knocked out.

    Those are two starter points.

    Rashad is like summer—no class. His recent setback to Lil' Nog was gratifying, as Evans is a far greater fighter and never should have lost that fight. The lamentable aspect of that loss is that it delayed or prevented the Anderson Silva or Jon Jones bouts in which he was sure to have taken a serious trashing.