Baltimore Ravens Misplaced Lombardi Trophy During Super Bowl XLVII Celebration

Tim KeeneyContributor IFebruary 4, 2013

Apparently, the Baltimore Ravens partied a little too hard on Sunday night.

In the midst of celebrating their second Super Bowl win since the new millennium, the Ravens, according to head coach John Harbaugh, lost the Lombardi Trophy.

The news comes via's Chris Wesseling:

Ravens coach John Harbaugh revealed during Monday's news conference that the Lombardi Trophy was misplaced in the craziness of the postgame celebration.

"We hadn't seen this (trophy) since last night," Harbaugh said. "We thought we lost it."

Harbaugh went on to thank whoever returned the Super Bowl XLVII showpiece.

The chaos, mayhem and likely consumption of a few adult beverages that follows a victory in the Super Bowl—the biggest sporting event of the year—is understandable. Being crowned the champion of the NFL is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion that only a select few athletes get to experience, and a massive celebration is sure to follow.

But it's just a tad perplexing as to how you "lose" the Lombardi Trophy. 

Sure, this isn't the Stanley Cup, which is normally the focal point of said celebration, but the Lombardi Trophy isn't what you would call irrelevant, either.

It's a pretty large piece of silverware, and whenever it's carried to the podium after the big game, there are always shots of players falling over themselves simply to touch it or maybe even give it a small smooch. 

Yet, in the middle of the celebration, this massive trophy, this thing that represents what the Ravens worked so hard all season for, went missing just like that? 

That seems a little odd, but this isn't the first time a championship trophy wasn't handled properly.

Back in 2011, the Stanley Cup tumbled off a table and was dented.

Then in the spring of 2012, as players from the 2011 BCS national champion Alabama Crimson Tide and their families admired the Waterford Crystal trophy valued at $30,000, an unlucky parent of long-snapper Carson Tinker did the unthinkable. Carleton Tinker, Carson's father, picked up the trophy to get a closer look and after carefully setting it back down, it fell to the floor and shattered.

Prior to this year's big game, San Francisco 49ers tight end Vernon Davis practically destroyed the Lombardi Trophy while filming promos for Super Bowl XLVII.

But none of that matters now. Someone "found" the Lombardi Trophy (although I'm not so sure it was ever truly lost in the first place) and the Ravens can continue their celebration.

Let's just make sure someone keeps an eye on it during the parade.