Texans Fan Seriously Spends $800 for Cheerleaders to Work Super Bowl Party

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterFebruary 4, 2013

Photo Credit: Busted Coverage
Photo Credit: Busted Coverage

It seems over-ordering on the guacamole and tapping a keg of domestic just doesn't do it anymore, because one Texans fan needed two cheerleaders at his Super Bowl party. 

Busted Coverage reports a photographer friend of theirs from Houston happily proclaiming his Super Bowl soiree featured two beautiful Houston Texans cheerleaders at a price of $800 for an hour. 

They refer to their buddy as Scott B., and Scott has some amazing details on how your next party might feature a bevy of beauties. 

Here is a pic from the party; the two are identified as Mackenzie on the left, alongside Iya. When asked how much it cost to have official Texans spirit in the house, Scott answered with, "800 two girls, one hour, but they [signed] a bunch of posters."

Well, at least $800 got you a bunch of posters. 

Texans fans, rejoice. You may be in luck for future party stops by professional cheerleaders. Scott stated the following: 

They said they have never been asked to do a Superbowl party before. Will definetly [SIC] will do again

I am not about to sit here and declare another man's investment as unwise, but this man's investment was unwise. 

I would be much more interested in spending that money in raising the level of the food, beer or entertainment, not having an impromptu cheerleader autograph sesh. 

Maybe I am just ruined after seeing what another Super Bowl party had in the form of world-renowned eater, Takeru Kobayashi (video contains some NSFW language). 

Yes, that is the pro eater taking down a whole pizza in just one minute, for a reported $3,250. 

Maybe I am just a little old-fashioned, wanting nothing more than to watch the game with some delicious snacks and a room full of people who know how to remain quiet during the commercials. 


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