Odds on Where Titus Young Will Land in 2013

Jesse Reed@@JesseReed78Correspondent IFebruary 4, 2013

Odds on Where Titus Young Will Land in 2013

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    The Detroit Lions will reportedly cut wide receiver Titus Young, so where might the talented yet beleaguered young man land in 2013?

    Via Detroit Lions' lead writer Tim Twentyman:

    The Lions plan to cut ties with tumultuous WR Titus Young today, according to a team source.

    — Tim Twentyman (@ttwentyman) February 4, 2013

    The NFL is full of teams lacking talented wide receivers. 

    The New York Jets, Buffalo Bills, Jacksonville Jaguars and Miami Dolphins immediately come to mind, and Lord knows, there are plenty of other teams in need of skilled receivers.

    Young's time with Detroit was highlighted by multiple incidents of misbehavior, though.

    Young was benched in Week 13 of the 2011 season after he committed a costly personal foul against the New Orleans Saints. Then he was suspended after he got into a fist fight with safety Louis Delmas last May. Finally, he was benched this past year after he allegedly lined up on the wrong spot and ran incorrect routes on purpose against the Green Bay Packers. 

    That was the last straw for the Lions, as Young didn't make it back on to the field again in 2012.

    Young then seemingly helped Detroit make its mind up about keeping him after the season with a handful of antagonistic tweets, culminating with this:

    Oh I'm not done, if y'all going to cut me let me go. I'm tired of the threats

    — Titus D Young Sr (@TitusDYoungSr) January 25, 2013

    He now has his wish, so which teams would be willing to give him a second chance?

New York Jets

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    The New York Jets need skilled receivers if Mark Sanchez has any hope of salvaging his career. 

    Stephen Hill may end up becoming a dynamo on one side of the field, and Jeremy Kerley has shown flashes, but Santonio Holmes has become more trouble than he's worth and is coming off a major injury.

    The Jets ranked No. 30 in the NFL last season in passing offense, and adding a talented young player like Young could potentially alleviate the team's struggles in this area. 

    That said, adding him to the already rowdy circus that is the Jets locker room could become a major headache for new general manager John Idzik. 

    ODDS: 20-to-1 Young ends up with the Jets in 2013.

Minnesota Vikings

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    The Minnesota Vikings depended too heavily on Adrian Peterson to generate offense in 2012, and the team desperately needs to improve its passing attack to continue being competitive in the NFC North.

    Minnesota ranked No. 31 in the NFL last year, averaging 172 passing yards per game. 

    Percy Harvin is undoubtedly one of the NFL's finest playmakers, but he has yet to complete an entire season since joining the Vikings. Even when he is on the field, teams have been able to keep the Vikings aerial attack in check, since he hasn't had anyone opposite to draw attention away. 

    Young is a skilled receiver who would help balance things out for Harvin, and adding him could be a step in the right direction.

    Minnesota seems to be intent on building through the draft, though, and I'll be surprised to see Young land with the Vikings.

    ODDS: 20-to-1 Young ends up with the Vikings in 2013. 

Buffalo Bills

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    Whether it's Ryan Fitzpatrick, Ryan Nassib or Joe Montana behind center for Buffalo in 2013, the Bills need to add at least one talented wide receiver to the roster to help Stevie Johnson and the team's aerial attack.

    The Bills have one of the most explosive running backs in the NFL. C.J. Spiller can make game-breaking plays every time he touches the ball. 

    How much more explosive would he be if the Bills were able to stretch the field through the air?

    New head coach Doug Marrone inherited the No. 25-ranked offense in the league last year; one that averaged just 204 yards per game. 

    Adding Young to the roster would give the team another talented receiver to pair with Johnson, and the entire offense would benefit. 

    ODDS: 20-to-1 Young ends up with the Bills in 2013. 

Miami Dolphins

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    No offense to Brian Hartline, Davone Bess and the rest of the Miami Dolphins' receiving corps, but Ryan Tannehill needs help in the worst possible way.

    Tannehill and his rag-tag crew did a phenomenal job maximizing their efforts last year, ranking No. 26 in the NFL in passing offense. But there simply hasn't been enough raw talent at the wide receiver position in Miami since Brandon Marshall left to challenge opposing defenses on a consistent basis. 

    Young possesses good speed and hands, and he could help Tannehill's development, as long as he kepps his head in the game and his nose clean.

    The Dolphins will still need to build through the draft, but Young's skill and youth could make him a valuable player for Miami for years to come. 

    ODDS: 10-to-1 Young ends up with the Dolphins in 2013.

Oakland Raiders

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    The Oakland Raiders were one of the "best" passing offenses in the NFL last season, ranking No. 8 in the league by averaging 255 yards per game.

    Unfortunately, the team's 6.8 yards-per-catch average is a better reflection of the impact the passing game actually had, ranking No. 20 in that department. 

    Darius Heyward-Bey has never lived up to the No. 7 overall pick Oakland used to draft him in 2009. And while guys like Rod Streater and Derek Hagan have shown promise, the truth is that the Raiders are lacking players who can consistently make plays.

    Adding Young to the mix would at the least promote healthy competition (if he manages to keep his cool), and at best, he'd be a starter from Week 1.

    ODDS: 10-to-1 Young ends up with the Raiders in 2013.

Cincinnati Bengals

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    The Cincinnati Bengals have one of the NFL's most talented young receivers in A.J. Green. 

    Unfortunately, it seemed like the team could never find a consistent producer to play opposite Green, though Brandon Tate and Andrew Hawkins have shown promise.

    Cincinnati ended the season ranked No. 15 in the NFL in passing; a number that is far too low, considering Green's immense talents.

    In order to maximize Green's abilities, the Bengals would be wise to continue bringing in receivers that can take pressure off of their young star. 

    Furthermore, Marvin Lewis has an affinity towards reaching out to troubled players, and he may be the man that could really help Young make the necessary adjustments to become a solid pro. 

    ODDS: 10-to-1 Young ends up with the Bengals in 2013. 

Carolina Panthers

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    The Carolina Panthers are a team on the verge of becoming dangerous week in and week out, but there are still a few areas of need that must be addressed; one of which is at the wide receiver position.

    Steve Smith's best days are behind him, and while he's still a dangerous receiver on the perimeter, he isn't as explosive as he once was. Brandon LaFell has shown sparks of becoming a great receiver, but he is still inconsistent and needs to continue improving. 

    After those two men, Carolina's cupboard is pretty dry, and adding Young to the mix could be a good move—especially considering the fact that Smith could potentially be the perfect mentor for the troubled young man. 

    If Cam Newton is to rebound from what was a rather disappointing sophomore season, the Panthers will need to add receivers. 

    ODDS: 10-to-1 Young ends up with the Panthers in 2013. 

Houston Texans

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    Andre Johnson had a monster year for the Houston Texans, catching 112 balls for nearly 1,600 yards with four touchdowns, but the Texans struggled to maintain a consistent aerial attack without anyone to challenge defenses opposite the aging star. 

    The team's next-best receiver was tight end Owen Daniels, with Kevin Walter coming in a distant third with 41 catches for 518 yards and just two touchdowns. 

    Lestar Jean, a young man many thought might have a shot to become a huge contributor to the Texans passing attack in 2012, was pretty much a non-factor. It's clear that Houston needs to bring in help either via free agency, the draft or both to remedy this situation.

    Young would be an upgrade (talent-wise) over Walter and Jean, and adding him to the lineup would give the Texans a chance to become much more balanced on offense. 

    ODDS: 10-to-1 Young ends up with the Texans in 2013. 

Jacksonville Jaguars

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    The Jacksonville Jaguars went out and attempted to fix their poor passing attack last year, trading up to draft Justin Blackmon with the No. 5 overall pick of the 2012 NFL draft and signing Laurent Robinson to a five-year, $32.5 million contract.

    Let's just say things didn't exactly work out as planned.

    The Jaguars finished the 2012 season with the No. 21-ranked passing offense in the NFL, averaging just 214 yards per game. 

    Furthermore, Robinson is worried about his future in the NFL after sustaining multiple concussions in 2012, and he may not be able to play going forward (h/t NFLEvolution.com).

    The biggest bright spot for Jacksonville in 2012 was Cecil Shorts, who looks to be a star in the making, but he and Blackmon would still have a better chance to succeed with more competition on the roster.

    ODDS: 7-to-1 Young ends up with the Jaguars in 2013. 

St. Louis Rams

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    If any team can turn Young's frown upside down, it's the St. Louis Rams.

    Jeff Fisher's club took a chance on Janoris Jenkins—a young man with a checkered past, including run-ins with the law—and it paid off. Jenkins was one of the NFL's top rookies last year, and his four returns for a touchdown (three interceptions and one fumble) tied him with Ronnie Lott and Lem Barney for the NFL rookie record. 

    Fisher has also maximized the talent of a couple other noteworthy troublemakers; Albert Haynesworth and Adam "Pacman" Jones. 

    The Rams need the help, too. St. Louis finished the season with the No. 18-ranked passing offense in the league, and Sam Bradford has had to make do with a lack of talented receivers since joining the club back in 2010. 

    Bradford has a rocket for an arm, and given a talented receiving corps and a solid offensive line, he'll flourish. 

    ODDS: 5-to-1 Young ends up with the Rams in 2013.