Money in the Bank: Don't Bank On It

david kimContributor IApril 6, 2009

Wrestlemania 25 this year by far, was the biggest pay-per view let down in the last decade. For the amount of hype this year's wrestlemania received, it was a complete failure. The matches this year were not bad at all, yet the WWE has again screwed up big time. Let's just hope they do something about it.

Money In the Bank
This match is usually my favorite match as the rising stars in the business make it entertaining to watch. We don't know what to expect, or who to win which makes it even more interesting.

This year, I was expecting either a win from Christian or perhaps Shelton Benjamin and hell, even Kane, but we were left with CM PUNK winning the match again. Seriously? CM PUNK?

I have no freaking idea why the WWE is pushing this guy so hard. He's already had a push and a run with the title. Kane has had held one world championship (ECWchampionship doesn't count) in his whole career with the WWE.

Both Benjamin and Christian have yet to win a world title with the WWE. Christian proved to the audience and to the WWE that he could carry the show when he was with TNA. He's a decent in ring performer, and cuts great promos, much better than CM Punk at least.

Benjamin on the other hand, is the best athlete that the WWE has and although his mic skills are not phenomenal, he is definitely improving and the money in the bank win would help him do so.

Yet, CM Punk...wins again...the most boring ending to a money in the bank. Can't the WWE see that we are behind Christian from the crowd reaction he gets? I mean cmon, whenever Punk touched the ladder, he was booed whereas Christian was given a huge pop.

Hopefully, the WWE does something about this catastrophic decision.