Debate: Who Is the Best Closer Option for the Mets?

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Debate: Who Is the Best Closer Option for the Mets?
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The Mets are reportedly pursuing more closer options. New York is close to signing Brandon Lyon, and have been in talks all offseason with Brian Wilson.  Who will be the starting closer on opening day?


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Bobby Parnell is not and never will be a big league closer. Great talent but his numbers don't lie. He is a head case and can not pitch in high pressu...
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Currently.. the best option is Frank Francisco. Parnell has shown inability to close out games plus he had a phenomenal year in his 7th-8th inning r...
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I say give it to Parnell, on the long run he might be the Mets best option, we have to remember, the 2013 season is not to contend but to rebuild and ...
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I like K Rod if he can get back to his form when he was an Angel, they should give him a chance 2 year deal possibly and try to dish him out at the de...
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My choice for the best closer would have to be going out and getting a guy like jose valverde. I know this is a long shot but this guy last year put u...
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I'd have to say give it to Franky to start the year. If he's healthy, he can pitch well. Before his injury last year he pitched well. Then go to eithe...
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