John Cena vs the Rock 2 Was Inevitable

Michael GuadalupeFeatured ColumnistFebruary 8, 2013

Photo courtesy of WWE
Photo courtesy of WWE

There was no escaping the rematch of John Cena vs. the Rock.

Their match hasn't officially been announced yet, but after their WrestleMania 28 match, WWE was more than likely already planning to put the Doctor of Thuganomics against the Brahma Bull one more time.

Yes, John Cena versus the Rock is inevitable, thanks to how well WrestleMania 28 did.  Regardless of if you were a fan or not of their match, WrestleMania last year brought in huge, record-setting numbers, which was clearly thanks to the Rock vs. John Cena.

With the turnout they had last year, why wouldn't WWE try to recapture those numbers again at WrestleMania 29?

It goes beyond just pay-per-view buys, though.

Cena is one of the top wrestlers in the company, and it's only inevitable he gets the WWE championship again.

Some fans, of course, won't exactly be happy with the idea of Cena reigning as champion, but there is no possible way that WWE can make everyone happy. 

Besides, what's wrong with making the face of the company, who is also a work horse, the champion?

The pieces to the rematch between Cena and the Rock have already been set.  Cena managed to win the Royal Rumble, and the Rock now holds the WWE belt.

The rematch between John Cena and the Rock was inevitable.


The Success of WrestleMania 28

Who really knows how long WWE had a rematch between Cena and the Rock planned?  Did they know that they wanted to have them clash twice, with their first WrestleMania match acting like a trial run?

Regardless, after the big draw WrestleMania 28 had last year, why wouldn't WWE try to repeat that success at WrestleMania 29?

Will as many people pay to watch a match that was once deemed a once-in-a-lifetime match? Who really knows? But regardless, a rematch between these two wrestling juggernauts will still draw big numbers.

The amount of money alone is more than enough to convince WWE that a rematch between the Rock and John Cena is a good idea.

The Rock pinning Cena clean last year at WrestleMania was a big moment in WWE history, and the success of their match helped in setting up the inevitable rematch.


Cena's Way To The Top

John Cena versus the Rock is Cena's way to get back on top in WWE. For the last year, while he has remained a face of the company, he was away from the WWE championship scene for most of 2012.

And while Cena is a top wrestler and arguably the face of the company, CM Punk is also a top wrestler.

WWE clearly wants to give Cena back the championship belt, but instead of making Punk drop the belt to him and come across as weaker than Cena, the Rock is being used as a middle man.

The Rock facing off against John Cena is inevitable because someone will need to drop the belt to Cena.  Why not make it the guy who beat him last year and who will focus on his acting career once WrestleMania is over?

This way Punk still looks like a strong wrestler, especially since the Brahma Bull was the one to finally beat him, and Cena ends up eventually getting the championship without needing Punk to drop the belt to him.

The rematch between Cena and the Rock was inevitable because it's going to be the match that puts Cena back on top as champion.

Not only will he pin the man who beat him last year, but he will do it and reclaim the WWE championship.

Of course, not all wrestling fans are going to be happy with this plan, but it's clearly already been set in motion by WWE.

With Cena winning the Rumble and the Rock winning the belt, the plan to put the belt back on Cena has become even more clear.


Time to Move On

While the Rock versus Cena would help place Cena on top with a win, it would also help in letting the Rock move on.

Losing the belt, and having no further reason to stick around WWE is a good excuse to see the Great One ride off into the sunset when he goes back to Hollywood.

Yes, the Rock versus John Cena is inevitable because the Rock is going to leave the WWE once WrestleMania is over, and what better way for him to leave than by dropping the belt and passing the torch?

The rematch between John Cena and the Rock is inevitable.  With the success of WrestleMania 28 and the WWE needing a way to help push Cena as the champion, it was only a matter of time before the Brahma Bull clashed once again with the Doctor of Thuganomics.


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