Power Ranking the Top 10 Quarterbacks in the 2013 NFL Draft

Ralph Longo@https://twitter.com/RalphLongoAnalyst IIIFebruary 7, 2013

Power Ranking the Top 10 Quarterbacks in the 2013 NFL Draft

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    Heading into the 2013 NFL draft, a lot of people have criticized the lack of QB talent, and understandably so. However, there is a lot of potential and ability in the top ten at the position, and NFL scouts are without a doubt breaking down hundreds of hours of film to decide who is worthy of their pick. 

    So, here are the top ten QB prospects for the 2013 NFL draft. 

10. Collin Klein

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    While a lot of people are writing off Collin Klein due to his perceived lack of throwing ability, I think he has a shot to succeed at the next level. While I'm not a fan of Tim Tebow, he showed dual threat quarterbacks can be successful in the NFL, and I believe Klein can fit into the same mold. 

    Klein is going off as a likely 6th round selection at the moment, so if he turns out to be a good player he'll be had at a tremendous value. He may have to change positions, but either way he has the talent and work ethic to surprise a lot of people. 

9. E.J. Manuel

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    E.J. Manuel has the raw ability to be a great NFL QB, and he certainly has the size. However, it remains to be seen if he'll put it all together and develop the accuracy necessary for him to prosper as a professional quarterback. 

    Manuel should go somewhere in the third or fourth round. For a QB that has excellent speed and is 6'5", 240 pounds, Manuel has all the makings of an elite player. But will he be able to cope with the rigors of an advanced NFL playbook after playing in a system some considered to be basic and very broken down? 

8. Zac Dysert

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    Heading into this season, expectations were high for redshirt Senior Zac Dysert. While he wasn't outstanding in his 2012 campaign, he showed that he's capable of playing in the NFL. Just how much and where he'll be selected is still unknown. 

    Dysert could really go anywhere in the middle rounds, it's hard to say exactly where before he has his pro day. He's got the talent, but he struggled in his game against Ohio State (his best opponent). Could this be a sign that he isn't as good as we think? 

7. Tyler Bray

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    Tyler Bray is a very enigmatic QB. The 6'6", 210 pound Bray showed greatness in some games last season, but was highly questionable in others. Bray probably should've stayed another year to develop and add weight to his frame, but he decided to forgo his last year of eligibility. 

    I think he's making a big mistake. He's a great QB at times, but lacks the consistency that you like to see in a top flight QB. He'll go in the second or third round, but it's unlikely he can play right away. He needs time to develop.

6. Landry Jones

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    While I may be higher than others on Landry Jones, it can't be denied that he's a terrific QB. Jones could've come out last year, but decided to play out his Senior season instead. This was probably the right choice, as Jones showed he's got a great arm, excellent accuracy, and is a smart, calm player with pocket presence. 

    Jones could definitely be a starter in the NFL. Maybe not right away, but don't be surprised if he's one day named to the Pro Bowl, he has that high of a ceiling if all the cards fall into place. 

5. Ryan Nassib

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    Ryan Nassib was able to put up good numbers on a team that lacked significant talent. He's an accurate thrower that has the potential to be a great NFL quarterback if he lands in the right situation. However, the question has to be asked, is he all hype? 

    Nassib has been shooting up the draft boards and could possibly go as high as the late first round with a strong showing at the Combine and/or his pro day. He's a good player, but I'm not entirely sold on him just yet. 

4. Matt Barkley

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    Heading into the 2012 season, Matt Barkley was the consensus top QB prospect and was almost a lock to win the Heisman Trophy. Fast forward six months, and he's on the mend from shoulder surgery and has fallen dramatically on most draft boards. 

    Nobody questions Barkley's talent, but with a lack of need for quarterbacks in the NFL right now he could fall as far as the third round. It depends a lot on his pro day and how he looks coming off that shoulder surgery. He's got the benefit of having played in a pro-style offense, which for his sake scouts will hopefully consider. 

3. Mike Glennon

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    Mike Glennon has the type of raw talent that scouts love to see. He's got a big arm and has good speed and quickness. However, his accuracy leaves much to be desired, and is something he'll absolutely have to improve on if he wants to have success at the next level. 

    Glennon will likely be drafted in the second or third round come April. He certainly has the ability, he just needs to put it all together much like some other names on this list. 

2. Tyler Wilson

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    In five years time when we're looking back on the 2013 NFL QB draft class, Tyler Wilson could very well be the best of the bunch. He's got a great pocket presence, has shown advanced decision making and the ability to read defenses, and has a strong and accurate arm. 

    In other words, Wilson is the complete package. With a couple of years of experience backing up an elite NFL starter, Wilson could turn out to be a top QB. He could go as early as the late first round, but he'll most likely go in the 35-50 pick range. 

1. Geno Smith

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    Geno Smith started off the season red-hot, and while he cooled down some towards the end, he showed that he's deserving of the top spot on this list. Smith has shown accuracy, arm strength, and great mobility and pocket awareness. 

    He may not be the best QB prospect in years, but in a relatively weak class, he merits the top spot. Smith is said to be a very hard worker that isn't shy about putting in the time necessary to succeed. Expect him to be drafted somewhere in the 15-20 range of the first round come April.