5 Ways We'll Know Derrick Rose Is Back to Full Strength When He Returns

Mike B.Correspondent IFebruary 9, 2013

5 Ways We'll Know Derrick Rose Is Back to Full Strength When He Returns

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    Derrick Rose will return soon, and we’ll see how long it’ll take him to get back to full strength.   

    As every NBA fan knows, the Chicago Bulls superstar suffered an ACL injury during last year’s playoffs, dashing the team’s title dreams.

    Before the injury, Rose was arguably one of the league’s top five players and possibly the best point guard in the world. The Chicago native took home MVP honors in 2010-11, emerging as the Bulls’ biggest superstar since the Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen era.  

    The Bulls have overachieved this season in Rose's absence, posting an impressive 29-20 record. However, they don't stand a chance at winning it all without their leader in the lineup. 

    It’s going to take Rose a while to shake off the rust, but once he does, look out.

    What signs will indicate he’s back to full strength? You’ll know when he’s continuously making plays that force you to ask, "How in the world did he do that?”  

Blinding Speed and Quickness

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    Few players can match the speed and quickness of a healthy Derrick Rose.

    According to John Brenkus of Sports Science, Rose can get up to 20 mph. Yes, 20 miles an hour, you read that correctly.

    While that isn’t very fast for an automobile, it’s certainly fast for a human being, wouldn’t you say?  

    The lightning-quick guard has the ability to leave defenders in the dust as he drives the lane for the spectacular finish.   

    When you start to see Rose blowing past the opposition, you’ll know he’s back to his old self.

Ankle-Breaking Crossovers

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    Rose brought a lot to the table before the injury, and one of those things was a killer crossover.

    Much like Tim Hardaway—another Chicago point guard legend—Rose knows what it takes to break the ankles of defenders on a nightly basis.     

    Even Bulls fans have to feel sorry for those poor defenders. When playing against D-Rose, they look like they’re asking each other “which way did he go George, which way did he go?” 

    Fans can’t wait to see his remarkable crossover dribble once again.    

Reverse Layups

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    A reverse layup might not be as fascinating as a fast break alley-oop dunk. However, it’s still pretty eye-popping nonetheless.

    And a healthy Rose is one of the best in the business in that department.

    Using his quickness to breeze past his man, Rose often gets into the paint to perform a ridiculous reverse lay-in, causing the crowd to immediately erupt.

    The next time you witness him do this, it just might mean he’s back to normal.    

Electrifying Dunks

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    Back in the ‘80s and ‘90s, the Bulls employed possibly the greatest dunker ever in Michael Jordan.

    Nowadays, Chicago fans get to witness Rose do his thing—well, when he’s healthy. He’s no MJ, but he can bring the United Center crowd to their feet, no doubt about it.

    Rose uses his amazing 35-inch vertical to slam it home. Easily the most exciting dunk of his career was over the Phoenix Suns’ Goran Dragic a few years back. Watch the video above just in case you missed it.

    The question is: Why did Dragic even jump?

    Anyway, once Rose gets back to full strength, expect plenty more dunks that’ll make you rewind your DVR.     

Averaging 20 Points Night

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    The Bulls currently rank 25th in the league in scoring, which is nothing to brag about.

    However, Rose’s return should help out dramatically. He has averaged 21 points per game for his career, and put up 25 a night during his MVP season.

    Rose likely won’t get 21 ppg right off the bat since he hasn’t played in nearly a year. It shouldn’t take him too long, though, to become a top-notch scorer once again.         

    The Bulls have played tough defense so far this season, and all they need is Rose’s 21 points a night to make a run at championship No. 7.