Super Bowl Ads 2013: Most Disappointing Commercials

Lucas ParolinCorrespondent IFebruary 4, 2013

These guys were probably watching a good commercial - a rare sighting this Super Bowl
These guys were probably watching a good commercial - a rare sighting this Super BowlLintao Zhang/Getty Images

There are two kinds of people in the world: those who watch the Super Bowl for the game and those who watch it for the commercials. While the first type of fan has nothing to complain regarding last night's event (besides, maybe, the 34-minute delay), ads fans had one very disappointing evening.

Here are the ads that failed to impress.


Go Daddy

Yeah, good luck getting this image out of your mind.

Whoever wrote and produced this commercial probably thought they were being super funny. And sexy. Instead, they managed to be a little gross.

We are not saying the ad is gross because of the “geek” kissing a supermodel. Listen, good for the “geek,” really. We just wish the two actors on screen knew how to kiss, that’s all.



The most puzzling part about this ad was the meeting scene. Here is really would’ve happened:

Guy with Jamaican accent: “You know what this room needs? A smile!”
His boss: “Actually, I think this room—and this company—just need less of you. You’re fired.”


I would have liked to see him “turn that frown upside down” after that.



“Look, look! We have two Hollywood stars and one NBA player, so buy our product!”

This commercial is not all bad (“Are you sure you’re not here to meet a guy named ‘Sam Sung’?” Priceless.), but it does make mistakes left and right.

First of all, it is about one minute too long. By the time Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd are done talking, half the audience had already gotten up from their seats to get another beer.

Secondly, both Rudd and James admit they are in a commercial. Lame. It would be as corny as Harrison Ford actually looking at the screen and winking before Indiana Jones shoots a villain.

Finally (and this is for the sports fan in all of us), did they just call LeBron James, the current MVP, NBA champion, Olympic champion, Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year and undisputed best player in the world the next big thing?

Do they even watch sports? Like, ESPN, once in a while? 


We’ll admit it, the whole catch of having Calvin Harris’ song “Drinking from the Bottle” as the background to a commercial featuring a baby was pretty good.

But we’ll also admit that we cannot stand any more talking baby commercials, either. Time to get a new idea, E*Trade!