Double-Standard for Triple H: My Criticism of an Otherwise Solid Wrestlemania

Ryan MichaelSenior Writer IIIApril 6, 2009

In the wake of Wrestlemania XXV, there is but one feeling residing within the pit of my stomach. Sadly, it's not the excitement after watching an absolutely phenomenal match between Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker and it's not the gratification of seeing John Cena becoming the new World Heavyweight Champion.

No no no, it's a feeling that would resemble the same sentiments of the industry's greatest performer and that would be intense feelings of bitterness.

After watching "the great" Randy Orton fall victim to Triple H in the main event of Wrestlemania XXV, I don't feel one ounce of appreciation for "The Game's" triumphant conquering of the evil evolution of Sports Entertainment.

I'm not so much bitter because my hero tasted defeat on the grandest stage in WWE history, I'm more bitter about the poor match construction and the contradictive conclusion.

Contradictive how, you might ask?

Randy Orton nailed Triple H with a second RKO and had him in position for a clean victory.

It was only by circumstance (the referee being injured) that Orton was not able to receive a three-count.

So later as I watched Randy Orton grab a sledgehammer from underneath the ring, I could hear the criticism before Orton even performed the action for which he would have been criticized for.

I personally, felt confident that Randy Orton would be walking out of Wrestlemania XXV as the new WWE Champion.

I felt that a Triple H victory would be the personification of anti-climatics (which it ended up being) and that the WWE would move in the right direction by allowing a heel to win the WWE Championship for the first time in Wrestlemania's history.

Clearly, the WWE decided to opt for the satisfaction of 72,000 strong instead of making the right decision for business.

I suppose the concussion that Randy Orton gave Vince McMahon has left lingering effects that have come to punish him in more ways than one.

Randy Orton's loss at Wrestlemania XXV is disappointing but life moves on.

I've been on both ends of excitement and disappointment over the years and have learned that you can't always have things finish the way you'd like them to.

Randy Orton's defeat is stomachable, but his method of demise creates a clear double-standard which is the biggest issue I have with Wrestlemania's finish.

Let's imagine that it was Triple H who hit the Pedigree on Randy Orton, only to have the referee unable to conduct the three-count. Let's now imagine Randy Orton hitting "The Game" with the sledgehammer and following it up with an RKO and a three-count.

Everyone in the world would be crying foul-play and would attempt to discredit Orton's victory due to the dubious methods which aided his victory.

Yet, when it is Triple H who does the very same thing to Randy Orton, it's a clear cut case of revenge engineered by the great "Cerebral Assassin."

You see, it doesn't appear okay for Randy Orton to want to get revenge for being turned on and brutally beaten, but it's completely understandable for Triple H to want to get revenge for his injured family.

Never mind the fact that each and every McMahon provoked Orton in some form or fashion where as Randy Orton did nothing to provoke Triple H in 2004.

What I'm pointing out isn't the displeasure with Triple H's desire for revenge or even his use of a weapon to defeat Orton, my issue is with the fact that when Orton is motivated by similar means or seeks to compete using similar tactics, it is only then when these actions become unacceptable.

Triple H's use of a sledgehammer is completely justifiable and his win is equally credible in my eyes, the same way an Orton victory by identical means would also hold equal credibility in my eyes.

What Wrestlemania XXV established is the fact that Randy Orton and Triple H are held to completely different standards. The fact that Triple H's role of a face and Randy Orton's role as a heel being the key factors that create this double-standard is the key issue at hand.

Congratulations are in order for Triple H who did manage to walk out of Wrestlemania as the WWE Champion, yet, his actions have only delayed the inevitable as his victory will only bring fourth further punishment that neither himself nor his family will be capable of dealing with.