Every NBA Team Summed Up in One Tweet by Their Fanbase

Ben Leibowitz@BenLeboCorrespondent IIIFebruary 5, 2013

Every NBA Team Summed Up in One Tweet by Their Fanbase

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    It may seem impossible to sum up an NBA team in 140 characters or less, but thanks to Twitter and the collective thoughts of each fanbase, we've done exactly that.

    The following tweets will draw inspiration from NBA fans on Twitter, beat writers, team outlooks, player injuries/performances, etc. They will aim to get inside the minds of fans from each NBA team based on the team's present and future. 

    So as not to embarrass fans by using their tweets in a negative light, I’ll simply draw inspiration from actual tweets from actual fans in certain situations. 

    How would you sum up your NBA team? Is there grief and anguish? Maybe excitement and swagger? Perhaps skepticism and frustration?

    In the current NBA landscape, here are what fans around the NBA community think with regard to their favorite team—in 140 characters or less.

    Note: A special thanks to friends Adam Fromal (Atlanta Hawks), Charlie Misra (Golden State Warriors), Brett Haupt (Utah Jazz) and Nick Lee (New York Knicks) for providing their valued insight into their favorite teams.

Atlanta Hawks

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    “Let's get a decision regarding J-Smoove and move the #Hawks franchise forward. In Danny Ferry We Trust.”

Boston Celtics

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    “First #Rondo then #Sullinger… Could this season get any worse? At least the Lakers stink.”

Brooklyn Nets

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    “$64 million for Humphries/Wallace (15.1 points 11.7 rebounds); $6 million for Blatche/Evans (14 points 14.4 rebounds). Money well spent?”

Charlotte Bobcats

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    “MKG getting carted off the court in a neck brace does a good job at summing up our feelings at the moment. Get well soon MKG.”

Chicago Bulls

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    “Adrian Peterson is to football as Derrick Rose is to basketball. At least #Bulls fans hope so… Let’s get D-Rose back and chase that ring!”

Cleveland Cavaliers

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    “#UncleDrew is the future! We should have traded Varejao when we had the chance…”

Dallas Mavericks

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    “Please tell us we aren’t building on hope @mcuban”

    If you didn't understand that reference, check out this article by Tim MacMahon of ESPN.

Denver Nuggets

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    “30-18 record and only No. 6 in the west. We’d be No. 3 in the east with that record. #WestIsTough #WeNeedOneMorePiece Trade for Pau?”

Detroit Pistons

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    “Greg Monroe, Andre Drummond, Brandon Knight… We have some nice pieces in place. Can’t believe this is the same team that started 0-8.”

Golden State Warriors

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    “So glad we have a great team to cheer for again! Mark Jackson for COY! Let’s keep our guys healthy #Curry #Bogut”

Houston Rockets

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    "Thank God we were smart enough to trade for @JHarden13 unlike the #Suns and #Wizards Our future = Lin/Harden #FearTheBeard"

Indiana Pacers

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    “When are the #Pacers going to earn #respect around the league? Seriously, people need to recognize our team’s talent. #Defense”

    Note: I could not have been more wrong about the Pacers. In July of last year, I wrote they’d regress following a breakthrough season. Instead, despite struggles from Roy Hibbert and the injury to Danny Granger, they’ve been phenomenal. I apologize to all Pacers fans.

Los Angeles Clippers

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    “Can we go back to December? It was better going an entire month without losing. Just get CP3 back in time for the playoffs #MoreToProve”

Los Angeles Lakers

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    “Don’t be worried about the playoff picture, we’re going to trade Pau Gasol and Steve Blake for Josh Smith or Kevin Love any day now.”

    Note: Sorry intelligent Lakers fans, but the naive Lakers fans who think they can trade Steve Blake and a towel rack for NBA superstars ruin it for everyone.

Memphis Grizzlies

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    — Mike Conley (@mconley11) January 30, 2013

    Note: That tweet from the Grizzlies’ talented point guard occurred right after the Rudy Gay trade. Yes, the Grizzlies are saving money, but they’re doing so at the expense of a possible championship run. That has to be difficult for fans to stomach. What’s the plan?

Miami Heat

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    #Bandwagon fans ruined it for loyal Heat fans. They should make themselves useful: recruit @dennisrodman out of retirement. We need rebounds”

Milwaukee Bucks

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    “Just to be clear, Milwaukee #Bucks fans do exist. Of course, Scott Skiles isn’t one of them. Also, we have no All-Stars, #what?”

Minnesota Timberwolves

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    "Pioneer Press Tom Powers says T-Wolves fans need to embrace the losing. Hard to argue with him... "

New Orleans Hornets

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    Pelicans??? #ImNotRollin

    Chris Paul (@CP3) January 24, 2013

    And my own adaptation for good measure:

    “Pelicans? Really? Please Utah, just relinquish ‘Jazz’ already.”

    Note: For the record, I like "Pelicans." Sure, it may not strike fear in opponents, but it’s a cool-looking bird. Majority opinion seems to be negative, though, especially for those fully invested in the team.

New York Knicks

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    "@SpikeLee believes in his orange and blue skies. #KnicksTape #Melo4MVP - Poised for disappointment in the playoffs."

Oklahoma City Thunder

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    “It’s time for @KDTrey5 and @russwest44 to take the next step and bring that championship to #OKC #ThunderUp!”

Orlando Magic

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    "As long as Dwight Howard is struggling in L.A. and Nik Vucevic keeps improving, we’re happy. Actually, no, we’re not. #NeedASuperstarToStay"

Philadelphia 76ers

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    "The @Sixers are nowhere near where they wanted to be midway through the season. Waiting for Andrew Bynum #NotHoldingMyBreath"

Phoenix Suns

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    “Robert Sarver, please sell the @Suns… to anyone.”

    Note: Despite constant denials from Sarver that the Suns fanbase is up in arms over shady management, this Facebook page exists: Sarver: Please Sell The Suns.

Portland Trail Blazers

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    “@Dame_Lillard for ROY. @aldridge_12 an All-Star. @Hickson21 Most Improved? Playoffs would be nice, but we need something off the bench.”

Sacramento Kings

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    “The only thing more agonizing than a bad record and putting up with @boogiecousins is the fact that we may lose the franchise next season.”

San Antonio Spurs

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    “Dodged a bullet when TD went down. #Spurs are quietly the No. 1 team in the NBA. Still, we may need another piece to compete for a ring.”

Toronto Raptors

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    “The Toronto Raptors haven’t been the same since acquiring @rudygay22. Now they’re a solid team. Worth it? We'll see.”

Utah Jazz

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    “Trade Big Al/Millsap, draft PG of the future and try to not get swept out of the first round of the playoffs. Hayward+Favors = the future.”

Washington Wizards

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    “We could have traded Bradley Beal for James Harden? Thanks Ernie Grunfeld. How about we pay Gilbert Arenas $111 million again.”

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