5 Surprising Stats from the Premier League Weekend

Sam Tighe@@stighefootballWorld Football Tactics Lead WriterFebruary 4, 2013

5 Surprising Stats from the Premier League Weekend

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    The English Premier League throws up interesting and surprising statistics for us to peruse every Monday, and this week is no different.

    Frank Lampard enters the record books, Southampton squander yet another chance and Manchester United are under the cosh.

    Read on for explanations of these and more.

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Nine Corners Won

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    After Goran Popov's sending off, West Brom were seriously under the cosh against Tottenham.

    However, while the Baggies defence was bending, it wasn't breaking—and some had a sneaky feeling Spurs would fail to make the breakthrough. Unfortunately, if you can't clear your lines, you only invite pressure.

    West Brom conceded 17 corners as Spurs boxed them in, and an astonishing nine of those were won solely by the unplayable Gareth Bale.

Averaging One Clearance Every Six Minutes

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    Manchester United claimed a battling win at Craven Cottage courtesy of a late Wayne Rooney winner.

    Although there's an inevitability factor that when the two meet the Red Devils will likely take three points, they were really made to work for this one.

    Astonishingly, Rio Ferdinand averaged one clearance every six minutes (15 in total), while central defensive partner Jonny Evans averaged one every 6.92 minutes (13 in total).

    In the final 10 minutes of the game, it's fair to say Fulham were really knocking on the door.

No Crosses on Target

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    West Brom enjoyed the better of the opening 45 minutes against Tottenham but never managed to take a chance to pile the pressure on.

    Romelu Lukaku and Shane Long both missed one-on-one opportunities against the excellent Hugo Lloris, but not one of the midfielders managed to get a cross on target all day.

    A rare off day for the Baggies in this respect, who fluffed all of their eight attempts.

10 or More in 10 Successive Seasons

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    Frank Lampard has become the first player in English Premier League history to score 10 or more goals in 10 successive seasons.

    His presence and ability to find scoring positions in the penalty area has been unrivaled for a long time, and now he's finally surpassed markers set by Alan Shearer.

    It's also worth noting that Wayne Rooney has now scored 10 goals or more in nine successive seasons. Should he avoid injury, he'll be well on his way to breaking Shearer's record, too.

    Will any midfielder get close to Frank, though?

24 Points Dropped from Winning Positions

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    Southampton now tops the league for an unwanted statistic.

    They've dropped 24 points from winning positions in a seemingly consistent effort to make life very, very hard for themselves.

    Additionally, Reading have dropped the second-most and Aston Villa the third-most. All three clubs are embroiled in a relegation battle, so perhaps it's fitness and mentality rather than skill that's holding the teams back?